Asphalt Sealcoating
A red sealcoat buggy manufactured by Etnyre

Effective Asphalt Sealcoating Thanks to the Best Equipment Available

As an asphalt contractor, you likely offer services related to the preservation of asphalt. One such service, asphalt sealcoating, has proven to be a highly reliable and effective method for extending the lifespan of asphalt. However, implementing such a service isn’t possible without the assistance of proper sealcoating equipment. Thankfully, E.D. Etnyre & Co. has spent years perfecting durable, reliable and high-quality sealcoating trucks, buggies and systems. Count on Etnyre when purchasing new sealcoating machinery for your company.

Why Your Clients Need Sealcoating

Although sealcoating is a separate service from asphalt paving, it’s necessary for keeping your roadways maintained and in check. All asphalt contractors ought to offer sealcoating as a part of their services for the many benefits that sealcoating can offer. Such benefits include:

  • UV Protection
    • As harmful as UV rays can be to human skin, they can be just as problematic for asphalt. When UV rays hit asphalt, it begins an oxidation process that dries out pavement and makes it more susceptible to cracks and other damage. And just like we use sunscreen to protect our skin from UV rays, asphalt uses sealcoating. Applying a layer of sealcoating helps protect against oxidation and keeps asphalt from drying out.
  • Affordable Preservation
    • If your clients let roadways and asphalt lots go too long without sealcoating, they will likely deteriorate faster than their expected lifespan. Thus, your clients will pay for repairs and replacements sooner than they should. Conversely, sealcoating helps slow the process of deterioration, repelling the sun’s rays, moisture, and chemical spills. Sealcoating is significantly more affordable compared to most asphalt repairs and pavement replacements.
  • Improved Appearance
    • Not only will asphalt begin to deteriorate over time, but the surface tends to lose much of its color. While this doesn’t render pavement unusable, it removes much of your asphalt’s curb appeal. And for companies and store owners looking to attract more business, curb appeal is crucial to putting on a “professional face.” Thankfully, sealcoating not only slows down deterioration but also restores the color of pavement, helping it look new again.

How Etnyre Can Help

Etnyre supports asphalt contractors across the United States in search of the best equipment for sealcoating and road maintenance. Our sealcoating machines are some of the quickest and most durable the industry has to offer! With Etnyre’s BC502SC, contractors can safely and efficiently apply layers of sealcoating to any large lot or roadway. Additionally, with our PavementSavers (sealcoating buggies), smaller and more precise sealcoating jobs can be performed, offering operators the most ease and convenience.

A PavementSaver, a sealcoating buggie used for Asphalt Sealcoating

Talk with Our Team

As essential a service as asphalt sealcoating is, your company requires the proper equipment to match the sealcoating needs of your clients. Thankfully, E.D. Etnyre & Co. can assist with our durable, efficient, and long-lasting sealcoating systems. To learn more about Etnyre’s line of road maintenance equipment, contact us today at 815-732-2116. We serve clients in Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and throughout the United States.