Sealcoating Equipment
A sealcoating buggy manufactured by Etnyre

Add a Layer of Protection to Roadways with Sealcoating Equipment

As asphalt roads and lots begin to age, cracks begin to form, and deterioration becomes a serious concern. However, consistent maintenance and upkeep make it possible to extend pavement’s lifespan well beyond what’s standard. And as asphalt contractors, you want to offer your clients asphalt maintenance and upkeep services. Thankfully, with sealcoating equipment provided by E.D. Etnyre & Co., you can meet the demands of private businesses and city municipalities throughout your area.

The Importance of Sealcoating

Behind road repair and asphalt application, sealcoating is an often-requested service of clients looking to manage asphalt lots and streets. And as an asphalt paving contractor, you should be able to offer quick and effective sealcoating services to any of your clients. Sealcoating is sought after for numerous reasons, including:

  • Extending the Life of Roadways
    • We’ve already mentioned how sealcoating helps increase the lifespan of asphalt roads beyond what’s standard. However, doing so makes sealcoating an essential component of most roadway construction and maintenance. Asphalt sealcoating fills in cracks and divots in pavement, which impact the integrity of roadways. Furthermore, sealcoating adds a protective layer to pavement, protecting asphalt from UV rays, vehicle fluids and water.
  • Improved Aesthetics
    • Exposure to sunlight and the elements can take their toll on your pavement. After several years, asphalt’s color can begin to fade. Not only does this loss of color look ugly, but it can make it difficult for drivers to see road markings. With sealcoating, you can restore the color of pavement to like new and create a fresh surface for repainting striping, center lines, parking spaces, etc.
  • Money Saving Benefits
    • The cost benefits of sealcoating are twofold: you save money on repair costs and potential legal fees. First, if your lots and streets fall into disarray, be prepared to shell out a significant amount of cash to repair or replace asphalt. Second, if a driver or pedestrian is harmed on pavement due to crumbling, potholes, and general road maintenance neglect, you might have litigation coming your way. Staying ahead of road deterioration with sealcoating prevents either of these issues from occurring.

Select from the Best Sealcoating Equipment

Etnyre has you covered when it comes to supplying asphalt contractors with the right equipment for sealcoating. We manufacture and sell several pieces of equipment designed to manage sealcoating services with speed and efficiency. Our sealcoating equipment includes:

  • PavementSaver – Our PavementSaver II & III are sealcoating buggies, perfect for small and precise sealcoat jobs. PavementSavers are engineered to outrun, outlast, and out-perform all other sealcoat machines. Multiple options are available for tank sizes, colors, equipment customization and more.
  • BC502SC – The BC502SC is ready to handle your most significant sealcoating jobs. Whether spraying long stretches of road or managing coating for large lots, our mobile sealcoat distribution units are up to the task. All units are skid-mounted and self-contained, making them the perfect solution for your asphalt maintenance needs. If you’re looking for the same great equipment but in trailer form, check out our RaynPro T-Series.

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