RaynPro T-Series
RaynPro T-Series

The Best Mechanical Solution for Your Sealcoating Needs

E.D. Etnyre & Co. strives to offer a range of equipment and machinery that best fits the needs of road maintenance companies. For example, we produce systems designed to quickly and efficiently sealcoat any pavement and asphalt surface. While our PavementSaver and BC502SC are self-contained sealcoating units, the RaynPro T-Series allows contractors to equip existing trucks and vehicles with the same sealcoating system.

RaynPro T-Series – Sealcoating Machines

The RaynPro T-Series line of sealcoating machines from Etnyre offers sealcoating contractors a completely customizable piece of equipment to fit their needs.

It all starts with the Tanks.
  • Choose a size ranging from 200 gal (757 l) to 12,000 gal (45424 l)
  • RaynPro tanks can be built onto a trailer or skid-mounted
We build around your needs
  • Length is adjusted according to tank sizes and options and can be extended to accommodate blowers or other equipment
  • Axle configuration: 1, 2 or 3 axles – 6,000 lb. (2721 kg) or 7,000 lb. (3175 kg) rating
  • Brakes: electric or surge (electric is standard)
Apply your sealcoat
  • Engine: 14 hp Kohler with high amperage output designed to pump high aggregate load sealcoat material
  • The RaynPro can be built with a spray wand system for material application
RaynPro T-Series Sealcoating Machine Standards
  • Professional grade steel saddle frame construction with 3/16″ tank walls and 3/16″ end caps for extended structural integrity
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Agitation System, no chains or sprockets.
More Custom Options
  • Custom paint colors
  • 2″ Positive Displacement Hydraulic RaynPump for constant, non-surging high output performance with heavy materials
  • Available 2″ air-operated Wilden dual-diaphragm pump with 30-gallon gas-powered compressor.
  • Spray wand with filter assembly
  • Brush/Squeegee Box, Water Tank, Storage Boxes or Night Lights
  • Blower Ramp, Hose Reels
  • Fixed or Removable tank end cap
  • Rollover protection for local D.O.T. requirements

If you don’t see what you want, please ask!

Check out the BC502SC for a sealcoat spray bar system for high-volume sealcoating!