Lowboy Trailers
Red lowboy trailers, customized and sold by Etnyre

Haul Vehicles, Equipment and More with Etnyre Lowboy Trailers

The freight and transportation industry moves equipment, products and materials of all kinds. Even local contractors require large trailers to transport machinery and additional equipment. Thus, lowboy trailers have become the standard for the freight and construction industries. However, having the right lowboy trailer is essential, depending on what you plan on hauling. Thankfully, Etnyre has the trailer to fit your needs. We offer high-quality, custom lowboy trailers of all types and sizes.

Nothing Like Lowboys

Lowboys are unique trailers in that they sit incredibly low to the ground. This lower orientation allows for greater stability, increased weight handling, and flexibility of what can and can’t be transported. Some of the advantages of a lowboy trailer include:

  • Stability – Lowboy trailers are only able to transport the loads they can due to their lowered center of gravity.
  • Weight Capacity – Lowboys’ low center of gravity also allows the trailer type to transport heavier goods other trailers cannot safely move.
  • Flexibility – Many industrial products, vehicles and equipment can’t be transported with standard trailers due to highway height restrictions and underpasses. Again, a lowboy’s closeness to the ground ensures larger equipment is within a reasonable height.
  • Customizable – Lowboy trailers can be customized to fit the needs of its owner. Features such as hydraulic goosenecks, extended axles and more increase the overall versatility of lowboy trailers.
  • Safe – Every lowboy trailer is built to be durable and long-lasting. The safety of equipment, passengers and other drivers is crucial in the design of lowboys. As such, lowboy trailers are some of the safest and most efficient trailers available.

Blackhawk® Lowboy Trailers

You can tow a variety of commercial and construction equipment with ease by using Etnyre’s Blackhawk® Lowboy Trailers. Our lowboys come in various sizes and types, each offering advantages when hauling certain types of equipment. For example, our lowboy trailers include:

  • Mechanical Detachable Gooseneck – These trailers feature an easily detachable gooseneck that can be disconnected manually. Mechanical gooseneck trailers are commonly lighter than hydraulic, allowing them to haul long distances and help drivers save on fuel.
  • Hydraulic Removable Gooseneck – Similar to mechanical gooseneck trailers, they can be controlled, adjusted and detached via hydraulic controls. These trailers are incredibly versatile, with optional extensions available.
  • Paver Special – A standard gooseneck trailer with greater flexibility for loading and unloading equipment such as pavers, milling machines and rollers.
  • Jeep Dolly – A shorter lowboy trailer. This trailer is designed as an intermediate unit to divide the kingpin load of the trailer and the tractor. Additionally, this lowboy trailer type provides adequate length between axle groups to meet DOT bridge regulations.
  • Special Trailer – Every Blackhawk® Lowboy Trailer can be specially designed to a client’s requests. Features such as stationary goosenecks, extended axle trailers, hydraulic systems and more are all available with our custom trailer orders.
Technician installing new tire on recently built lowboy trailer

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