The Best Equipment for Roadway Sealcoating

Residential roads, parking lots, and driveways suffer from the same problems of cracking and deterioration as major highways and streets do. However, for less trafficked pavement surfaces, slurry sealing and micro surfacing aren’t necessary. Instead, road maintenance professionals prefer the ease and reliability of sealcoating. Thus, E.D. Etnyre & Co. strives to provide contractors with the best available sealcoating machinery. Check out Etnyre’s PavementSavers for quick and efficient sealcoating services.

PavementSaver II – Sealcoat Buggy

Sealcoating equipment is constantly put under unique types of pressure and stress. If your equipment isn’t built to handle it, your organization will be stuck paying for parts, labor, and wasted crew hours more often than it should. That is why the PavementSaver-II or Pavementsaver-III with ARC sealcoat buggies are engineered to out-run, out-last, and out-perform all other sealcoat machines. Whether you spray, squeegee, or do both, the PavementSaver-II is designed to maximize production. Choose from various tank sizes, colors, and options to customize each sealcoat buggy to fit your needs.

PavementSaver II & PavementSaver III

PavementSaver II with red circles pointing out different parts of the machine.



1. T1 Steel & Quality Components
  • Tougher, stronger, and longer-lasting, we use high-performance T1 steel for the mixer tank, hydraulic tank, and diesel tank
  • Structurally protected wire runs wherever possible
  • Heavy-duty, oversize drive motors
  • Heavy-duty, oversize, stainless steel knife valve for positive material delivery
  • Heavy-duty squeegee assembly with powerful hydraulic directional control
  • Top-of-the-line hydraulic components, hoses and fittings
Close up of PavementSaver's joystick.
2. Joystick Control

Our easy-to-use joystick controls the following functions:

  • Material flow open/close
  • Spreader box up/down/left/right
  • Forward/neutral/reverse

*Control buttons on Joystick may have additional uses if the BC502SC option is installed and selected.

Joystick control panel on PavementSaver
3. Operator Control Panel

The Operator Control Panel controls the following functions:

  • Engine start
  • Material valve master power switch
  • Speed range selection
  • Electric throttle
  • Spray system forward/reverse
  • Automatic speed controls
  • Agitator forward/neutral/reverse
  • Water pump on/off
  • Working lights on/off
BC502SC spray system on PavementSaver
4. BC502SC Spray System (optional)

The BC502SC Spray System gives operators the option to spray sealcoat from the spray bar or up to two hand wands. The entire system is designed to handle heavily filled sealcoat materials.

  • Spray bar starts at 8 ft. and can extend to 13 ft. or more
  • The BC502SC has three filters. The primary filter is 952 cubic inches with 339 square inches of filter face and the two finish filters have 2118 cubic inches each with 1620 square inches of filter face.
  • Computer controls keep your application rate even despite changes in speed
  • All controls are located on the Joystick and Operator Control Panel
  • Various nozzle configurations, tip sizes and spray patterns are available
Turbocharged Diesel Engine on PavementSaver
5. Turbocharged Diesel Engine

This 42 HP turbo diesel has more than enough power to operate continuously under extreme conditions including high altitudes and up to 15% grades. Fast production speed combined with full three-wheel drive traction offers unmatched performance and control from a sealcoat buggy.

6. Safety System
  • Dual Braking System – Hydrostatic operational brakes and enclosed two wheel wet disc brakes for emergencies and parking
  • “Dead Man” Shutdown – If you leave the Operator’s seat, the parking brakes automatically set
  • Fail-Safe Brakes – If you lose engine power, blow a hose or lose hydraulics, the parking brake will stop you automatically – even on a steep grade
  • Sudden Direction Change – If you suddenly move the joystick from full forward to full reverse controls the PavementSaver II will buffer the change by slowing the machine before changing direction – no jerking or lurching
  • Easy access Operator platform
Other Features
  • Tilt wheel power steering
  • Variable speed direct drive hydraulic agitated mixer
  • Variable speed, full-range, hydrostatic drive system