Scrub Seal Broom Box

Simplify Asphalt Paving & Chip Sealing with Etnyre’s Scrub Seal Broom Box

Asphalt contractors always look for new tools, equipment, and components to streamline the process of asphalt paving and chip sealing. As such, if your company wishes to provide exceptional tar & chip sealing, the best surface treatment, scrub seals, can easily be implemented using Etnyre’s Scrub Seal Broom Box. The Scrub Seal Broom Box is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to assist in the precise application of scrub seals. This unique self-contained unit can fit onto any asphalt distributor truck with minimal modifications, offering exceptional convenience and efficiency. Call E.D. Etnyre & Co. today to learn more about this specialized chip & seal product.

What is a Scrub Seal?

A scrub seal is a type of chip seal paving treatment that uses brooms to “scrub” a pavement surface as it is sprayed, ensuring that asphalt emulsion can reach into cracks and imperfections. Specialized equipment, such as the Scrub Seal Broom Box, brushes and spreads asphalt, while aggregate chips are laid behind the emulsion, and rollers press and seal chips into the pavement surface. This process is remarkably similar to typical tar & chip paving, except for the brooms and scrubbing. With scrub seals, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Pavement Durability – Scrub seals penetrate deeper into existing cracks and imperfections, significantly improving the pavement’s resistance to water and wear and extending its lifespan.
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance – Compared to a complete overhaul, scrub seals offer an affordable way to maintain roads, parking lots, and driveways, delivering a high-quality finish without the high cost.
  • Improved Skid Resistance – Aggregate chips applied over the emulsion not only seal the surface but also provide additional texture. This texture enhances the pavement’s skid resistance, making it safer for vehicles to traverse.
  • Quick Application and Cure Time – The scrub seal process is faster than many traditional paving treatments, allowing roads to be reopened to traffic more quickly and minimizing disruptions.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Scrub seals are a more sustainable choice for pavement maintenance because they extend the life of existing pavement, reduce the need for complete replacements, and utilize recycled materials.

The Scrub Seal Broom Box

If your company wishes to implement scrub seals quickly and easily, the Scrub Seal Broom Box is designed to meet your needs. With a self-contained electric over hydraulic control system and a box containing emulsion, the Broom Box does away with run-off against curbs and road edges. Additionally, using three variable broom types, the Broom Box can adjust to varying pavement surface conditions, guaranteeing exceptional performance for any project. Some of the Scrub Seal Broom Box’s best features include:

  • Hydraulically adjustable on the fly from widths of 8ft to 14ft via wireless remote control
  • Self-contained unit that mounts to any distributor with minimal modifications
  • Quick-release broom heads for easy replacement
  • High lift attachment for self-loading on trailer
  • Box contains emulsion, so no run-off against curbs or road edges
  • Hinged to auto flex on crowned roads – less mess at the end of shots
  • Box will not drift on sloped roads because it is firmly attached to the distributor
  • Box can be left attached to the distributor when transporting short distances for reloading
  • Broom quickly detaches from distributor – utilizes poly head brooms for extended life
  • Positive Height adjustment – ski’s – allows for broom down pressure adjustment – helps save broom cores
  • Self-contained electric over hydraulic control system
  • No axles for transportation
  • Cordless Controller
  • Three variable broom types available for different surface conditions
  • Box stands for storage / extends life of brooms between production days / and for transportation / prevents brooms from matting when not in use
A closeup of the Scrub Seal Broom Box

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Asphalt contractors across the United States looking to improve their asphalt paving and chip & seal processes count on E.D. Etnyre & Co. for equipment to get the job done right. Begin offering scrub seals for your clients using Etnyre’s Scrub Seal Broom Box, asphalt distributors, and additional asphalt equipment. To learn more about our road maintenance/repair equipment, contact Etnyre today at 815-732-2166. Etnyre’s main office is located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061, serving clients throughout Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and the U.S.