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Choose the Best Road Maintenance Equipment in Tennessee

For 125 years, Etnyre has been the reliable solution. In fact, there’s no element more important to the success of our roadway than reliability. That’s why if you’re looking for road maintenance equipment in Tennessee, you want a provider who offers consistent, reliable, efficient equipment. Fortunately for the people of Tennessee and the teams that keep roads performing their best, Etnyre has been spending the last 125 years innovating and engineering top of the line equipment. Our team strives every day to ensure our legacy of the “Etnyre road” means a legacy that endures.

We are Committed to Your Needs

At Etnyre, we build each unit to order so that we can help our customers find the best fit for their needs. Our team also strives to provide the kind of unparalleled support that will have you knowing you made the right choice. Whether you’re making the selection of your equipment, or looking for parts and services, our team will take the time to lead you through all your options and help you find the one that best suits you and your crew. By taking the time to help you, we have been able to inform our engineering for generations. Our relationship with our customers is paramount because we know it’s the only way we can learn what innovations we should make to our equipment to best serve you.

In addition, Etnyre has the products for every phase of road construction and maintenance. Whether you need trailers for transport or equipment to maintain and construct roadways, our team has everything you’re looking for. And since we know no crew has the same needs, we offer options that allow you to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of your crews. From trailer options like low boy or live bottom, to our customizable chip spreaders, asphalt distributors, crack sealers and more, we are prepared to get you the perfect piece of equipment for your needs.

Reliable from the Start

Founded in 1898, Etnyre was built to last, alongside the early days of the asphalt road industry. Today, we build a wide range of asphalt equipment that continues to set the standard for reliability. We are proud to say we’ve built a name as being a leading name in the asphalt road construction industry from our beginnings. That’s why we know you can trust that we offer the best asphalt equipment in Tennessee.

Asphalt workers need the best Road Maintenance Equipment in Tennessee, which is why they need Etnyre

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Give us a call today to find out how we can help you find the perfect road maintenance equipment in Tennessee. You can call our sales team at 815-732-2116 or e-mail them at If you already have equipment and are looking for parts and service, you can contact our team at 888-586-1899. Our team looks forward to helping get you into the perfect piece of equipment. And if you’re worried about upfront costs, we offer financing to those who qualify. Get in touch for the best quality that’s out there.