Asphalt Equipment
A chip spreader and asphalt distributor, two pieces of asphalt equipment from Etnyre

Maximize Your Business’s Productivity with the Best Asphalt Equipment

As evidenced by the dozens of road projects seen every spring and summer season, asphalt contractors stay busy! However, projects can’t drag on forever; having the right equipment ensures quick and accurate completion of every paving job. With asphalt equipment supplied by Etnyre, your business will keep up with client demands and provide high-quality paving services unmatched by your competitors. Call Etnyre today to learn more!

Equipment for Repair, Resurfacing & Transportation

Whether you wish to expand your asphalt services or are looking for new machines and equipment to add to your fleet, Etnyre has you covered. Our selection of top-rated asphalt machines meets and exceeds asphalt contractors’ needs for asphalt repair, resurfacing and transportation.

  • Repair
    • When repairing asphalt lots and roadways, contractors require precise equipment to provide as efficient repair services as possible. For this reason, road maintenance crews rely on Etnyre’s crack sealers. Our crack seal trailers are quick to start and heat up, with a tank capacity that allows for any size project. With our crack sealers, you can make roadways safer, expand pavement life, and keep costs low for you and your clients.
  • Resurfacing
    • Restoring and resurfacing pavement can be done through unique paving procedures only possible with the right machinery. As such, Etnyre can supply your company with said equipment. Our ChipSpreaders and asphalt distributors enable contractors to offer chip seal services, one of the best methods for resurfacing asphalt! Our ChipSpreaders have high output, and our asphalt distributors can carry between 1,000 to 4,500 gallons of liquid asphalt.
  • Transportation
    • Hauling equipment and materials to every job site means having the right trailers. Thankfully, Etnyre’s asphalt trailers are all you need for quick and easy transportation. Our lowboy trailers allow contractors to carry their largest equipment to any job site, and our live bottom trailers allow transporting asphalt aggregate and raw materials. Finally, our asphalt transports are perfect for carrying hot asphalt long distances.

The Etnyre Advantage

ED Etnyre & Co. has proudly manufactured a wide range of equipment to serve the needs of asphalt contractors and road maintenance crews across the country. Since 1898, Etnyre has continually set the standard for performance and reliability in our products. We manufacture our asphalt equipment using high-quality components and the latest technological advantages, giving our equipment an edge over anything our competitors can offer.

An Etnyre ChipSpreader, one of Etnyre's primary pieces of asphalt equipment

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When you’re ready to invest in your company’s asphalt equipment, give the asphalt experts at Etnyre a call today! To learn more about our products or receive a quote, contact us today at 815-732-2116. Also, we are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.