Best Live Bottom Trailers
The side of an Etnyre live bottom trailer

Easy Loading and Unloading with the Best Live Bottom Trailers

The transportation of raw materials requires heavy-duty trucks, equipment and trailers to implement safely. For the last few decades, dump trucks have dominated the industry as the standard for most contractors. However, dump trucks are no longer the most optimal option for hauling raw materials. As of late, live bottom trailers have taken the construction industry by storm, introducing safer and more practical loading and unloading. And thanks to Etnyre, you can find the best live bottom trailers in the United States!

Why Pick Live Bottom Trailers?

If you’ve spent any time in the construction and road maintenance businesses, you’re likely familiar with the popularization of live bottom trailers. Farmers, businesses and contractors can not only easily transport materials via live bottoms, but they can do so in a safer and more precise manner.

  • Flexible & Precise Unloading
    • Standard dump trucks empty their load by lifting the back of their truck and allowing its contents to empty, courtesy of gravity. While this method of unloading is effective, the resulting pile of material must be manually moved to where it’s needed. Conversely, a live bottom trailer doesn’t have to release its load all at once. Live bottoms use conveyor belts to distribute material evenly across a large area and multiple locations.
  • Safe Movement
    • The design of a dump truck has not improved much over the years. Unfortunately, dump trucks are still top-heavy and risk trailer rollover with their high center of gravity. On the other hand, a live bottom trailer is lower to the ground and has more loading area than a dump truck. Both these features reduce the risk of rollover when operating a live bottom trailer.
  • Efficient Unloading
    • As mentioned, live bottom trailers feature conveyor belt systems that push raw materials out. This method for unloading ensures the vast majority of a trailer’s contents are emptied, with little left behind. This stands in contrast to dump trucks, which often require manual work to clean out thoroughly. Additionally, you have a higher risk of cross-contamination with dump trucks, unlike live bottom trailers.

High-Quality Trailers from Etnyre

Etnyre is leading the pack in designing and manufacturing the best live bottom trailers in the United States. Our Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers are some of the fastest and lightest units in the construction and road maintenance industry. No matter the load you carry, you’ll always achieve optimal payload and unload speeds. The Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers’ best features include:

  • Patented reliable conveyor system minimizes maintenance and downtime to save money
  • 42-inch-wide (106-cm) belt eliminates slats and minimizes material bridging
  • Among the lightest in the industry for minimal fuel consumption and greater payloads
  • Variety of rear doors, including twin, concrete, high-lift, and high-lift bi-folds, to provide efficient unloading for any material and application
  • Steep side walls prevent bridging and easily discharge a wide range of materials, including hot mix asphalt, small and large aggregates, sand, gravel, recycling materials, and low slump concrete
  • One-half revolution of the belt quickly and efficiently unloads material
The Best Live Bottom Trailers manufactured by Etnyre

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