A RoadSaver machine covering a roadway with slurry seal

Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing Made Easy

RoadSavers are the finest slurry seal and micro surfacing machines in the world. As the flagship product line from RES of Etnyre, RoadSavers represent the quality and reliability that Etnyre is known for. Better steel, better components, and operator-friendly design separate RoadSavers from other slurry seal and micro surfacing machines. With over 40 years of testing and hundreds of units throughout the world, RoadSavers have proven to be relentlessly reliable.

Slurry seal and micro surfacing applications require precision, which is why all functions on RoadSavers may be monitored with a glance or controlled by fingertip, allowing the operator’s attention to remain focused on the material being applied. Many features now found on equipment from our competitors, such as joystick controls, originated on a RoadSaver. Now the next addition to the RoadSaver line, the IIIG, further separates from the competition with a design that requires No Side Engine.

Pick the RoadSaver Machine That’s Right for You

Etnyre’s RoadSavers set the industry standard for effective and high-quality slurry sealing and micro surfacing. Click on either of the options below to see an in-depth description of the features and specifications of our latest RoadSaver machines.

Additional Features

Every RoadSaver model features top-of-the-line systems and materials meant to simplify slurry sealing and micro surfacing. When you purchase RoadSaver equipment, you can come to expect:

ASTM572 Steel

Also known as “Bridge Steel” or “Skyscraper Steel,” ASTM572 is designed for use in high-stress applications and offers RoadSaver owners a longer life free of deformation, hopper wear, tank splitting, rust and flexing issues. With hundreds of RoadSavers around the world, we have never had a tank split, a hopper wear out or frame issues of any kind. Pugmill liners often last twice as long as A36 steel liners used by our competitors. Pugmill paddles have much higher resistance to bending, deformation and wear, and the entire machine maintains its own structural integrity separate from the truck it is mounted on.

Traction Master Conveyor System

The Traction Master provides the longest service life in the industry. The belt is self-centering and designed for proper material flow from the front of the machine to the back through a designed incline assuring constant supply and density of the material.

Emulsion Filtering System (Optional)

When truck configurations allow, the emulsion pump is mounted below the emulsion tank allowing an increase in available head pressure, less potential cavitation and more positive flow to the pugmill. This design also allows placement of an optional high volume, dual inlet suction filter.

Care In Manufacturing

All electrical and hydraulic lines are professionally mounted, secured and properly run. On RoadSavers, you will never find them run in a common trough or unprotected through steel bulkheads as you see on machines made by our competitors. Should you ever need to isolate a hydraulic system, your RoadSaver is equipped with a full set of hydraulic shut-off valves. On international machines that operate with a side engine the radiators are built at 200% of the Cummins engineering requirement, your engine runs cool all the time. All of our engine mounting, controls, cooling system and full run cycle are inspected and approved by Cummins to validate a worldwide factory warranty.

We provide a catwalk for safe inspection of water and emulsion tanks. We don’t offer this as an option; we provide it as a safety standard. We mount each machine on a steel rail bed, not a wooden one which will compress over time and become insecure; your machine is mounted securely and safely.

Hydraulic System

Premium Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic components provide dependability and worldwide support. Each powers its own system. The RoadSaver uses pressure-compensated and load-sensing circuits to provide ample fluid flow while managing available horsepower for maximum performance.

  1. Reserve cooling capacity allows full production on the hottest of days.
  2. True hydraulic fittings are used throughout, bulkhead fittings where necessary.

To ensure long life we only use hydraulic components that meet our strict criteria of durability, availability and tenacity. We use magnetic suction strainers to collect naturally occurring ferrous material from the oil. Our return filters use synthetic media not the cheaper cellulose; this provides reduced pressure drop and maximum contamination removal from the oil. All machines have a shut-off valve on each suction line as a standard feature. This feature is extremely important if a field failure occurs or a replacement is required. Our hydraulic pumps all operate at least 1000PSI below the maximum “continuous” rating, thus offering a longer component life. The commonly overlooked area of hose and fitting selection has been carefully designed to reduce oil turbulence and pressure drop resulting in the best use of the engine horsepower. We take extra steps to ensure hose life including tough cover hose, hose wrap and bulkhead fittings, all of which are important to reduce abrasion, extend life and keep crews in the field working.

Emulsion Delivery System

A Blackmer or Roper positive displacement pump is used for long life and consistent output. Both the emulsion pump and the emulsion valve are heat jacketed and warmed by the Cummins or truck’s engine for cold morning starts.

Liquid Additive System

Specially designed corrosive-resistant polyurethane tank with hydraulically driven, corrosion-resistant steel shaft, Viton Impentra Seal, and stainless steel hardware. The flow meter at the Operator Control Center allows precise adjustment.

Dependable Water System

A bent-axis piston drive system provides full water resources when you need it and where you need it. The pugmill has full flow at all times no matter what other water systems may be demanding. Hydraulically driven 130 GPM @ 110 PSI (492 L @ 760kPa) pump with diaphragm valve and available digital flow display for precise control. Water pressure is constant regardless of demand.

Vibrator System

Hydraulically driven vibrator beam suspended in the aggregate hopper with variable frequency and amplitude adjustments. Activated from the Operator Control Center and controlled through the computerized Automatic Sequencing System.

Electrical System

12 VDC negative ground.

Features on All RoadSavers
  1. Control Area Network (CAN) controls
  2. Heated emulsion pump and valve provide timely operation and performance even on cold start days
  3. Convenience Package includes walk-around lubrication, aggregate inspection window, camlock fittings, D.O.T. dome covers, tank inspection catwalk and dual ladders for ease of hopper access
  4. 100% hydraulic drives, no chains or sprockets
  5. Security covers for the Operator Control Center and joysticks to guard against vandalism
  6. Top of the line brand name components with proven durability to hold up against operational abuse
  7. Pavement water/fog spray system
  8. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful Service and support staff
  1. Standard slurry seal spreader box
  2. Auger package for standard slurry seal spreader box
  3. Shoulder surfacing box
  4. Hydraulic-assisted, variable width micro surfacing box
  5. Rut box
  6. Emulsion level warning system
  7. Truck mounting
  8. Side screen panels for security against vandalism
  9. Night light package for night operation
  10. Additive recirculation/blending system
  11. RoadSaver additive plus metering system
  12. Increased capacity emulsion and water tanks
  13. Dual compartment-secondary tank with individual pumps and precision metering systems for post-adding additional polymers and specialized additives into the slurry seal or micro surfacing system
  14. Battery box enclosure with two 12VDC 970 CCA (recommended if doing large night work projects)
  15. Custom features fabricated for your needs
  16. Crew field training and consulting
Diagram of the RoadSaver IIIG's Parts

How it Works

From a platform at the back of a truck-mounted RoadSaver, an operator can monitor aspects of material flow as he or she places an emulsified mix on a road surface. With the press of a button at the operator’s control center, the operator can set the computer-controlled, automatic sequencing material introduction system in motion. This introduction system allows timing adjustments for delivering aggregate, emulsion, water and additives into the pugmill where they are mixed and distributed to the road surface.

To pour an emulsified mix from a RoadSaver, the crew first delivers aggregate to the aggregate bin, which is designed to hold 12 cubic yards (9.2 cubic meters) and more of material. Aggregate travels on a hydraulically driven RoadSaver SuperBelt conveyor to the reversible, twin-shaft, twin-drive pugmill. The 800-gallon emulsion tank and positive displacement material pump deliver the emulsion to the pugmill to be mixed with the aggregate.

For mixes that require other additives, a 90-gallon (340 l) liquid additive tank sits toward the back and on the right side of the machine, delivering material via a hydraulically driven pump, which is adjustable at the operator’s station. A 16 cubic foot (0.45 cubic meters) fines feeder sits above the aggregate bin at the back of the machine, delivering material via a digital ratio meter, and is also adjustable at the operator’s station.

Once the materials are flowing to the pugmill at a metered and monitored rate, the multi-paddle pugmill mixes the materials and augers them out through the hydraulic gate and diverters to a spreader box or other end attachment at material output rates ranging from 2 tons to 4 tons mixed (1.8 to 3.6Mg) per minute. With the automatic sequencing material introduction system, the operator can set or control which material pre-coats the aggregate and for how long before the next material enters the pugmill.