RoadSaver IIIG

RoadSaver IIIG

Shot of RoadSaver IIIG with yellow numbered circles pointing to different parts.

The next generation of RoadSaver features an eco-friendly design with No Side Engine – an industry first. Reduce emissions, maintenance & administrative costs with the RoadSaver IIIG. See our RoadSaver IIIG Brochure to learn more.

RoadSaver IIIG Specifications



¼” (.635 cm) ASTM A572 High Tensile Steel formed plate construction: Front, Sides, Bottom Sections. Top-Rear Plate Section attached to aggregate hopper are formed 3/16” (.47625 cm) ASTM A572 High Tensile Steel. All corner seams are overlapped & welded inside & out. Structural Channel stress-relieved tank bracing is also installed to reinforce the tank’s interior & exterior weld joints.


3/16” (.47625 cm) ASTM A572 High Tensile Steel, with the hopper plating formed with the steel grain aligned with the flow of aggregate to the conveyor to reduce wear.


1. PACCAR MX Engine

This new PACCAR truck engine has increased low-end torque allowing the removal of the side engine. The traditional RoadSaver power is still available from engine to idle through the full range of operational speed. The newly designed machine runs quieter & reduces the air quality concerns inherent in older equipment. Side engine reporting requirements are now eliminated! The RoadSaver IIIG will prepare your organization for ever-tightening environmental regulations around the world. This system includes a REPTO design with a hot shift feature including specific safety elements to protect you & your crew.

The RoadSaver's electric control system

2. Electric over Hydraulic Control System

This precision-engineered unit, patterned after the design of aerospace control systems, performs multiple hydraulic functions based on electrical input & system demand. Complete system redundancy is built through a fail-safe override system, insuring the ability to “finish the job.” This redundancy allows RoadSavers to live up to their motto – Relentlessly Reliable.

Quality Control System/Computerized Display

3. Quality Control System/Computerized Displays

State-of-the-art electronic sensors & computer displays provide real-time system information on:

  • Engine diagnostics
  • Aggregate & fines feeder delivery rates in RPM
  • Water & additive rates in RPM
  • Out of material alarms
  • Auto-calibration feature
  • Real-time mix percentages for maximum operator control

* SAE & Metric units

*3 Languages: English, Spanish, Russian (other languages available for an additional cost)

The system continuously monitors the RoadSaver’s operation. Should electronic sensors detect any deviation from factory preset tolerances, an instantaneous signal will instruct the machine to initiate a shutdown or, if selected, alert the operator.

The RoadSaver's Dry Additive System

4. Dry Additive System

Hydraulically driven, infinitely variable, removable fines feeder with digital ratio meter allowing precise adjustment from operator control center.

The RoadSaver's Operator Control System

5. Operator Control Center

An industry first & the “heart” of all RoadSavers, this unique design employs twin joysticks to control the following functions: one button sequenced start/stop, engine throttle control, spreader box lift, box side shift & auger control, pugmill gate control, diverter left/right control, & vibrator control.

The RoadSaver's Twin Drive/Twin Shaft Pugmill

6. Twin Drive/Twin Shaft Pugmill

All T-1 steel, each pugmill is built with twin hydraulic drives allowing double the torque to the mixing paddles. This system reduces the stress on gears & the high wear developed with systems that have one shaft “following” the other through a side load. Precise design & thorough field testing assure high productivity & product uniformity. The hydraulic diverter & pugmill gate provide even distribution & operator control of material supplied to the box. Drive motors are mounted in a remote, protected area with no bearings that need to be greased or replaced.

  • Reversible, Twin Shaft-Twin Drive Multi Paddle Pugmill, complete with hydraulic gate & diverter
  • An infinitely variable RPM range for all working conditions
  • All bearings are external for minimal maintenance
  • Digital RPM display at Operator Control Center
  • Replaceable carbide wear tips & wear plates
  • Adjustable water & additive spray bars assure mixing uniformity & predictability
  • Easy access, slide-in slide-out pugmill