Asphalt Trailers
Lowboy trailers, part of Etnyre's asphalt trailers

Move Equipment and Raw Materials with Ease Using Etnyre’s Asphalt Trailers

Just as crucial to the equipment and materials contractors use for road maintenance are the trailers and transports used for moving that equipment and materials around. Thankfully, with Etnyre, contractors can find both asphalt trailers and equipment to maximize their businesses’ productivity. Etnyre can set you up with the machinery you need to become a successful asphalt contractor in your community.

Our Trailers

From lowboys to live bottoms, Etnyre can supply your company with trailers to meet your company’s needs. Our trailers are best for transporting raw materials and large equipment. Additionally, some of our other trailers have more unique functionality.

  • Lowboy Trailers
    • Asphalt contractors, construction crews, and other industrial companies utilize large vehicles and equipment for most projects. This means having appropriate trailers for moving equipment from each job site to the next. Etnyre’s line of lowboy trailers can meet your company’s equipment moving needs. We offer our clients custom trailer options, like hydraulic goosenecks, jeep dollies, expanded deck space, etc.
  • Live Bottoms & Asphalt Transports
    • Moving raw materials and liquid asphalt can be messy and time-consuming without the proper trucks and trailers. Thankfully, Etnyre’s top-rated live bottom trailers and asphalt transports move any material quickly and efficiently. Our live bottoms are safe and effective, using a conveyor belt system for precise unloading. Additionally, our asphalt transports can keep up to 7,000 gallons of liquid asphalt hot across any distance.
  • Crack Sealers
    • Although not for moving materials and equipment, Etnyre’s crack sealers are a must-have asphalt trailer for all aspiring asphalt contractors. Asphalt crack repair is always in high demand due to its affordability and ease of implementation. Etnyre’s crack seal trailers ensure your company can offer fast and high-quality crack repair services, regardless of location or project size.

The Industry’s Best!

ED Etnyre & Co. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial asphalt equipment for decades. Since 1898, we’ve set the standard for modern asphalt paving equipment using smart designs, high-quality components, and the latest technological innovations. Additionally, through Etnyre, you can always expect detailed and quality customer care; we offer unparalleled support for contractors, from product selection to parts and services.

Large Asphalt Trailers manufactured by Etnyre

Talk with the Etnyre Team

Give your asphalt contracting business an edge with an investment in the industry’s best equipment and asphalt trailers. Call the industrial machine experts at Etnyre today to learn more! You can contact us at 815-732-2116 to request a quote. Also, we are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.