Asphalt Crack Repair
A yellow crack sealer machine designed by Etnyre

Keep Up On Asphalt Crack Repair with Etnyre Crack Sealers

Road care and maintenance are the main concerns of every asphalt contractor. More than installation and protection, asphalt repair and resurfacing are some of the most sought-after services for asphalt companies. The point is that if you lack the machinery to provide consistent, reliable, and effective asphalt crack repair, you’ll miss out on a significant portion of your business. Thankfully, contractors can find the best crack sealers on the market through E.D. Etnyre & Co. Allow Etnyre to help get you started with our exceptional crack-sealing machinery.

How Clients Benefit and You Profit from Crack Repair

Not only is crack repair essential for standard asphalt care, but it can be a relatively simple and affordable service to offer your clients. Best of all, it’s a service all types of clients seek! From small residential jobs to commercial asphalt restoration, crack repair delivers results.

  • Crack Repair is Simple
    • It doesn’t take an entire crew to provide effective crack repair. With a few operators and a crack sealer from Etnyre, most crack repair jobs can be completed quickly and easily. Not only do clients prefer this ease and simplicity of crack repair, but contractors don’t have to invest significant labor into a job, freeing up crew members for asphalt paving projects elsewhere.
  • Crack Repair is Affordable
    • Property owners and asphalt contractors can both take advantage of crack sealing’s affordability. Because the labor and materials involved in crack repair are minimal, associated costs are kept lower. In turn, asphalt contractors don’t have to spend as much to offer repair services and cost savings are passed on to clients, keeping pavement repair well within a business’s budget.
  • Crack Repair Preserves Asphalt
    • In addition to the simplicity and affordability of crack repair, proper crack sealing services have the added benefit of extending the lifespan of asphalt. Of the asphalt maintenance and repair options available to property owners, crack filling is always consistent and reliable. Thanks to crack repair and your crack sealers, clients can avoid future repair costs that developing cracks can exasperate.

What Do Etnyre Crack Sealers Have to Offer?

If your contracting business wants to invest more in asphalt crack repair, why not make sure you have the best equipment for the job? Few crack sealers offer the same speed and durability as Etnyre’s line of crack-sealing machines. We design our equipment to speed the heating and circulation of sealant, ensuring higher production and lower cost per shift on each crack sealing job. Contractors can further benefit from crack sealer features like:

  • Versatile controls allowing automatic or manual operation
  • Two sealant loading doors for easy access
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel oil burner with automatic ignition
  • Closed loop, flow-controlled hot oil heating system
  • Environmentally friendly flush-free system
  • Sealant tank capacity of either 250 or 400 gallons
An Etnyre Crack Sealer used for Asphalt Crack Repair

Talk with Our Team

The key to a successful asphalt contracting business is having the best equipment for every job. Thus, when searching for high-quality crack sealers for asphalt crack repair services, contractors trust E.D. Etnyre & Co. for the best. To learn more about Etnyre’s top-rated road maintenance equipment, contact us at 815-732-2166. Etnyre’s main office is located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061, serving clients throughout Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and the U.S.