Best Asphalt Equipment
The best asphalt equipment from Etnyre, including chip spreaders and asphalt distributors

Where Can You Find the Best Asphalt Equipment? With Etnyre!

That’s right! E.D. Etnyre & Co has produced the past century’s most durable, more effective, and operator-friendly asphalt machinery. Contractors throughout the United States always rely on the best asphalt equipment designed and manufactured by Etnyre’s team. If you want to update the asphalt machines part of your fleet, it’s worth considering the advantages of Etnyre machinery. Call today to learn more about our asphalt products.

What Can Our Asphalt Equipment Do?

Offering the best road maintenance services means you need the right equipment for the job. Here’s where Etnyre can help. Our primary products focus on repairing, resurfacing, and transporting asphalt, all essential components of an asphalt contracting business. With Etnyre equipment, you can simplify many parts of the asphalt paving process.

  • Equipment for Repair
    • When pavement begins to crack, you’ll want to act fast! Cracking pavement can lead to unraveling, potholes, crumbling and deterioration of asphalt. Thankfully, with Etnyre crack sealers, you can quickly and efficiently seal any asphalt cracks. Our crack seal trailers help contractors repair roadways more affordably, keeping operating costs down and ensuring affordable services for clients.
  • Equipment for Resurfacing
    • When repair isn’t enough but replacement is too much, asphalt resurfacing is the best option for deteriorating lots and roadways. With Etnyre’s ChipSpreaders and asphalt distributors, you can provide chip sealing, a popular and effective resurfacing method, for any pavement surface. Count on our specialized asphalt equipment, with incredible asphalt capacity for our distributors and high chip production rates for our ChipSpreaders.
  • Equipment for Transportation
    • The trailers and tankers used to transport asphalt and equipment are just as important as what needs transporting! Thankfully, Etnyre has contractors covered with our expertly designed lowboys, live bottom trailers, and asphalt transports. Our transportation equipment allows contractors to haul machinery and raw materials with ease and across any distance.

The Ultimate Quality and Durability

Etnyre proudly produces the best asphalt equipment for contractors nationwide. We strive to continually set the standard for performance and reliability in everything we make. Using high-quality components and advanced technology, our machines are easy for anyone to operate and maintain. Not to mention, Etnyre works with contractors to customize equipment further based on the unique needs of your business and clients.

The Best Asphalt Equipment performing chip seal services

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The best asphalt equipment for your business is only a call away! Reach out to the road maintenance machinery experts at Etnyre today to learn more about our products and their benefits. Contact us today at 815-732-2116 to request a quote. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.