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Provide High-Quality Crack Repairs with the Best Crack Sealers

The conditions of our cities’ roadways are essential to the function of our country’s infrastructure system. As such, providing maintenance and repair for asphalt lots and roads keeps drivers safe, traffic manageable, and transportation quick. And to achieve effective repairs for asphalt surfaces, you require the best crack sealers and road maintenance equipment available. Thankfully, Etnyre has supplied contractors throughout the U.S. with durable, high-quality, and efficient machinery for the last century.

What Does Crack Repair Do?

If left unchecked, cracks in pavement surfaces can lead to many other issues. Crack repair is the solution to avoid pavement failure and an expensive replacement process. And with Etnyre’s crack sealers, you have everything you need to provide accurate and quality crack sealing services. As such, crack repair ensures:

  • A Longer Lifespan for Pavement
    • Weather, traffic, UV rays, and chemicals will take their toll on asphalt. If asphalt isn’t protected by sealcoat, all these factors will cause your pavement to deteriorate faster than your asphalt’s expected lifespan. Thankfully, staying on top of early deterioration by sealing cracks can help your road stay together. Although crack sealing isn’t a “forever” solution, it can add years back to your pavement’s life.
  • Increased Safety for Drivers
    • As you might expect, a cracked and crumbling roadway surface is one of the worst things a vehicle can drive over. Crumbling pavement decreases surface traction, and loose asphalt can damage a vehicle’s undercarriage. Through crack repair services, you prevent asphalt from deteriorating to the point of falling apart, ensuring safe driving conditions for your roadways.
  • Greater Cost Savings
    • Of the additional asphalt paving services your company offers, crack repair is likely your most affordable. All that’s required for crack repair is the right equipment (supplied by Etnyre), asphalt sealant, and a few equipment operators. The minimal labor and materials required for crack repair keep company costs low. In turn, the cost savings of contractors can lead to affordable repair services for clients.

What Are Etnyre’s Crack Sealer Features?

Producing the best crack sealers means equipping our machines with the best features. For example, our crack seal trailers’ heating and circulation systems are unmatched, ensuring less downtime between jobs and greater production speeds for machine operators. Additional features of our crack sealers include:

  • Closed loop, flow-controlled hot oil heating system
  • Versatile controls allowing automatic or manual operation
  • Two sealant loading doors for easy access
  • Sealant tank capacity of 250 or 400 gallons
  • Environmentally friendly flush-free system
  • Enclosed high-pressure diesel-oil burner with automatic ignition
Cracked pavement needing repair by the Best Crack Sealers

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