Road Maintenance Equipment
An Etnyre ChipSpreader spreading asphalt aggregate on pavement

Keep Asphalt Maintained with the Right Road Maintenance Equipment

Ensuring the strength and longevity of asphalt can be challenging without the right equipment. Asphalt can crack and deteriorate under increased stress without proper sealing or consistent repairs. Thankfully, as long as you have the right road maintenance equipment to implement proper repairs, asphalt roadways can last a lifetime. If you’re an asphalt contractor needing road maintenance equipment, look no further than Etnyre!

The Best Machines for the Job!

Etnyre supplies a line of asphalt products to repair roadways, preserve pavement, and transport asphalt and other materials. Everything we manufacture is top-rated and built with longevity and convenience in mind.

  • For Repair & Maintenance
    • Consistent repair and maintenance efforts for asphalt can help keep your roadways in decent condition for much longer than their expected lifespans. Our asphalt distributors and chip spreaders are most useful for chip sealing, one of the primary services for asphalt maintenance. Chip sealing helps protect asphalt, keep roadways safe, and is cost-effective for contractors and clients.
  • For Preservation
    • Before chip sealing, contractors have other methods for repairing and preserving asphalt. For example, crack sealing repairs cracks and helps prevent additional cracks and deterioration. With Etnyre, contractors can invest in our easy-to-use crack-seal trailers. Without asphalt crack sealers, contractors miss out on a practical and easy-to-provide service for clients.
  • For Transportation
    • No matter the size of the paving job, asphalt contractors require proper equipment for hauling and transporting materials to a job site. Thankfully, Etnyre has just the road maintenance equipment for the job! Our asphalt transports and live bottom trailers allow for easy transportation and access of liquid asphalt and asphalt aggregate, respectively. Asphalt transports keep liquid asphalt heated from business to job site, and live bottoms provide the same function as dump trucks but are safer and more precise.

Learn About Etnyre

Since 1898, Etnyre has manufactured some of the best road maintenance equipment for asphalt contractors throughout the United States. Our line of asphalt machinery has become the industry standard for its incredible performance, reliability, and convenience. Also, if you require assistance with your new equipment or need additional parts and service, our friendly customer service is quick to help!

Etnyre's main Road Maintenance Equipment, the asphalt distributor and chip spreader

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Nowhere can you find more dependable, durable and effective road construction equipment than with the asphalt machinery experts at Etnyre. To learn more about our top-rated asphalt products, contact us today at 815-732-2166. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.