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Maintaining roads is an essential task for road maintenance contractors across the country. Regularly using asphalt roads can cause cracks and potholes, making road maintenance a nationwide challenge. ED Etnyre & Co. specializes in providing the best asphalt equipment in Illinois to ensure a safe and smooth ride for all. No matter what equipment you’re looking for, ED Etnyre & Co. provides you with a full line of products to help your crew effectively maintain Illinois roads.

The Equipment We Offer

ED Etnyre & Co. can help you with all phases of the roadway maintenance process. With the best asphalt equipment in Illinois, ED Etnyre & Co. offers effective asphalt repair equipment solutions that prevent the pavement from breaking apart, ultimately making roadways safer for everyone. Regular road maintenance is essential to extending the lifespan of pavement. Heavy traffic, weather, chemicals, and extreme temperatures can take a toll on roadways. ED Etnyre & Co.’s asphalt equipment provides affordable and regular maintenance to avoid costly road replacements.

You can ensure a safe and smooth ride with the best asphalt equipment available in Illinois. ED Etnyre & Co. can help you haul asphalt loads with our lowboy and live bottom trailers. Once the materials are there, we have the best chip spreaders, asphalt distributors, and crack sealers available. They come with customizable features, allowing you to make them most effective for your team’s needs. And because the equipment features the Etnyre name, you can trust the equipment lasts the test of time. We’ve got you covered.

About Etnyre

For over a century, ED Etnyre & Co. has built a legacy as an innovative company for the roadway industry. People know we build the best asphalt equipment out there. In fact, our promise to you is that you’ll always have the most reliable, trust-worthy equipment you need to do your job. When you have us on your side, you’ll know the job will be done well.

Asphalt crews should be able to rely on the top Asphalt Equipment in Illinois. That's Etnyre.

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