Asphalt Distributors Illinois
Asphalt Distributors Illinois

Etnyre Makes the Asphalt Distributors Illinois Professionals Have Trusted for Decades

The longevity of asphalt makes it a material many maintenance crews prefer. High-quality asphalt distributors are essential to achieving the best road surfaces possible, especially in Illinois, where heavy farm equipment and seasonal temperature changes causes damage. That’s why for years, the solution for quality asphalt distributors in Illinois has been Etnyre Black-Topper asphalt distributors. We have a proven name you can trust.

Custom Built Quality

No crew will need the exact same equipment. That’s why Etnyre offers custom tank sizes with our asphalt distributors. As large as 4,500 gallons to as small as 1,000, our Black-Topper offers a streamlined design to minimize maintenance. One person operation with multiple control positions offers flexibility for you to find your best fit. Our dual feed asphalt flow has a balanced uniform application across the full bar. Electronic asphalt speed controls offer precision with our full circulating 12-foot spray bar. Our Black-Toppers also meet all federal regulations for hot materials.

A long-lasting durable material, asphalt surfaces can withstand heavy traffic if applied correctly. These surfaces can even endure severe weather and chemical spillage. Asphalt also allows for periodic maintenance to extend it to last a lifetime. The high skid resistance creates a safe road for drivers and typically offers best visibility in weather conditions. Asphalt is a quick application, quick dry material that minimizes the need for road closures. And it’s easily recyclable so that your old asphalt will likely be reused on a new roadway.

About Etnyre

Etnyre got its start in the early days of the United States pavement industry, back in 1898. We got our start by manufacturing equipment for asphalt road construction. Since then, we’ve built asphalt spreaders, chip spreaders, storage tanks, and trailers that are known for providing reliable performance every time. And we have continued to find success by giving our customers unparalleled support and customization.

Asphalt Distributors in Illinois provide quick, easy asphalt needs for any road

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Etnyre is located in Northern Illinois, at 1333 Daysville Rd. in Oregon. We look forward to being your source for asphalt distributors in Illinois. Call us today at 815-732-2116 to see how we can help you take your crew to the next level.