Live Bottom Trailers Illinois
Live Bottom Trailers Illinois

Etnyre Offers Quality Live Bottom Trailers in Illinois

The traditional dump truck has been a workhorse for generations. However, modern materials and work needs have evolved the hauler away from a standard dump. All sorts of features have turned transporters toward live bottom trailers to better suit their needs. And at Etnyre we are proud to offer the best in live bottom trailers to Illinois farms and businesses.

The Live Bottom Trailer Difference

There are many reasons you might choose to move to a live bottom trailer over a standard dump truck. Dump trucks lift the back of their truck and slide material out, which can be imprecise and unsafe. Live bottom trailers use conveyor belts to empty their payload. This conveyor belt system allows materials to be unloaded with greater care and precision. Conveyable download also allows your truck to be emptied clean much easier. One of the most enticing features that live bottom trailers offer is a lower center of gravity therefore reduced greatly reducing the potential for rollover accidents or overhead hazards.

Once you’ve decided that a live bottom trailer is the way to go, you’ll want to be able to have it fit your specific needs. Our next generation Falcon live bottom trailers offer that. Steep sidewalls permit bridging and easily discharge a wide range of materials. Our variety of rear doors allows you to provide efficient unloading for all material and application. Our 42-inch-wide belt eliminates slats and minimizes material bridging and 1/2 revolution of the belt is all that’s necessary to unload material.

About Etnyre

Etnyre is proud to say we’ve been manufacturing high-end equipment since 1898. Today, we’re a leading name for the road construction industry. We got our start manufacturing asphalt spreaders, chip spreaders, storage tanks, and trailers. Since then, we have set the standard for performance and reliability with our equipment. We’ve built upon that success, and today, we build each unit to order, providing support for our customers every step of the way.

Live Bottom Trailers Illinois

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