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Etnyre Falcon Live Bottom Trailers for Sale

Why Choose Etnyre Commercial Dump Trailers in Illinois?

Etnyre can provide your road maintenance company with faster, safer means of transport for raw materials with our commercial dump trailers in Illinois. Our Falcon Live Bottom Trailers include features that offer better overall performance and safety than conventional dump trucks. Here are some of the most significant benefits you receive with our commercial dump trailers:

  • Elimination of Rollover Risks
  • Optimal Speeds for Loading and Unloading Materials
  • Precise Unloading of Materials
  • Prevention of Material Cross-Contamination
  • Plenty of Options for Rear Doors

For over 125 years, Etnyre has set the standard for performance and reliability from world-class asphalt paving equipment with exclusive features. Our Falcon Live Bottom Trailers are some of the most reliable, fastest, and lightest material transport machines in the industry. Consequently, you can reduce material waste and lower costs while getting projects completed quicker with our equipment. For more information, use our online contact form to message us or email our staff at

How Do Falcon Trailers Eliminate Rollover Risks?

The innovative design of Etnyre’s Falcon Live Bottom Trailers allows for safer transport of materials with less rollover risk. We build our trailers with a lower center of gravity, delivering more stable material transport than conventional dump trailers. Traditional dump trucks come with dump boxes with a higher center of gravity, making them more likely to rollover. Consequently, your company can benefit from safer material transport with our commercial dump trailers in Illinois.

Why Are Falcon Trailers Faster at Loading and Unloading?

Our Falcon Live Bottom Trailers feature an exclusive conveyor belt system that completes the unloading process in only half of revolution. Plus, there is a lower center of gravity with our commercial dump trailers in Illinois. As a result, the loading process is more stable. Then, unloading is faster and easier with the reliable conveyor directing materials to the desired spot. Most importantly, you receive quicker and safer loading and unloading with our machines.

How Are Falcon Trailers More Precise at Unloading?

As mentioned previously, there is an exclusive conveyor system installed on our commercial dump trailers in Illinois. This dependable conveyor system allows for precision unloading. It accurately directs raw materials from inside the trailer to desired spots during the unloading process. Since our trailers do not lift in the back, it eliminates the unsafe and imprecise unloading that often occurs with conventional dump trucks. As a result, our Falcon Live Bottom Trailers greatly reduce product waste and eliminate project delays.

How Is Cross-Contamination of Material Prevented?

Unlike old-fashioned dump trucks, Falcon Live Bottom Trailers do not require extensive cleaning and reduce cross-contamination risks with cleaner unloading processes. The exclusive conveyor system in our machines allows for smoother, cleaner unloading. Consequently, you eliminate the time needed to do thorough cleaning that you have to do with traditional dump trucks to avoid cross-contamination of materials. For more information, please refer to our Falcon Live Bottom Trailer product manual.

What Rear Door Options Are There?

You receive plenty of freedom of choice with available rear door options on our commercial dump trailers in Illinois. Here is a list of the rear doors available and their optimal applications:

  • Concrete Doors
    • These are specialized doors designed for handling concrete and similar materials.
  • High Lift Bi-Fold Doors
    • This option allows you the choice of use as a single door or bi-fold doors.
    • This makes for an ideal selection for metering material.
  • Barn Style Rear Doors
    • These doors are work well for pavers.
    • These are perfect options for windrowing.
    • These doors open to either side, allowing for proper funneling of materials.
    • You can also use these doors to create a chute for material unloading.
  • High Lift Doors
    • This is the best choice to unload bulk materials quickly and efficiently.
Commercial Dump Trailers Illinois

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