Crack Sealers Arizona
Crack Sealers Arizona

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Born from innovation and a passion for improving roadways, Etnyre has been manufacturing crack sealers Arizona can trust for generations. Founded in 1898, the Etnyre brand has been synonymous with quality roadway equipment since day one. Our focus has been on manufacturing all the equipment an asphalt and road construction team needs. And today, we are committed to offering the precise piece of equipment that will put your road crew in the position to succeed.

The Benefits of Crack Sealers

The long-term cost saving that can be achieved through routine maintenance like crack sealing can save more costly replacements down the road. By addressing cracks early, not only are you increasing the durability of the roadways you maintain, but you’re also keeping them safe. And everyone who uses those roads daily will prefer the experience as well as their ability to count on roads not being closed for major construction.

For over 125 years, the team at Etnyre has focused on innovation. In that time, we’ve stayed centered on the experience of the operator and the traveler. Today, you can be confident that not only will our equipment leave you with the finished product to be proud of, but we’ll also make the experience as manageable as possible for you. Our ability to customize your truck tank capacity, as well as the adaptability of our controls, ensure that you’ll have what you need to navigate whatever situation your crew finds itself in. And you can always count on our equipment to fire when you need it with our enclosed high pressure diesel oil burner with automatic ignition.

The Etnyre Difference

It’s been more than a century that Etnyre has built high-quality, custom crafted asphalt products. The Etnyre Crack Sealer is no different. Our crack sealing machines are highly efficient, which mean less crew downtime, higher production, and lower cost per shift. Features of our sealers include versatile controls for either automatic or manual operation, an enclosed high-pressure diesel oil burner with automatic ignition, an environmentally friendly flush-free system and more. It’s the best crack sealer to add add to your equipment lineup.

If you need to perform asphalt work, you need the best Crack Sealers in Arizona

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Maybe you already know the type of crack sealer for Arizona would fit your needs. Or perhaps you need a knowledgeable expert to help you navigate how to find the perfect fit. Either way, Etnyre is ready to answer the call. We look forward to hearing from you at 815-732-2116. Let us help you take your road crew into a more efficient and productive future.