Live Bottom Trailers Arizona
Live Bottom Trailers Arizona

Etnyre Offers Live Bottom Trailers for Arizona

You’re looking to haul, but the traditional dump truck doesn’t seem to fit your needs. You’re wondering which direction to go and have landed on live bottom trailers in Arizona. Offering unique advantages and safety features, live bottom trailers are a popular choice. At Etnyre we’re proud to offer Falcon live bottom trailers which offer features competitors can’t match.

When to Use Live Bottom Trailers

Unlike traditional dump trucks that lift their dump box and use gravity to unload, live bottom trailers use a conveyor system to unload material efficiently and precisely. This conveyor system allows material to be unloaded with precision. And it makes it easier for your truck to be cleaned in between loads so that you can easily avoid cross contamination. Live bottom trailers also have lower centers of gravity than dump trucks. This lower center of gravity reduces the risk of rollover accidents and overhead injuries.

At Etnyre, we believe live bottom trailers are the best haulers. We also believe that Falcon trailers are the best of those. The Falcon 42-inch-wide belt eliminates slats and minimizes material bridging. They offer a variety of rear doors including concrete, high lift, twin, and more. Their steep sidewalls prevent bridging and easily discharge material. Falcon conveyor belts can unload material in 1/2 revolution of the belt, providing an efficient unload. Falcon live bottom trailers are among the lightest in the industry, therefore reducing your fuel consumption costs and allowing for greater payloads.

About Etnyre

At Etnyre, we’ve been manufacturing high-end equipment like the live bottom trailer since 1898. Since then, we’ve remained consistent, starting our manufacturing business with asphalt spreaders, chip spreaders, storage tanks, and trailers. And today, we’re known as a leading road construction manufacturing company. People trust us for our superior performance and reliability. And we offer the support our customers need every step of the way.

Live Bottom Trailers Arizona

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At Etnyre, we’re excited to help you offer safer, more precise material hauling. We know you’ll love the Falcon live bottom trailers in Arizona that we have to offer. Call our office today at 815-732-2116. And don’t forget we offer many other products like chips spreaders, asphalt distributors, and lowboy trailers, all of which might help set your business apart.