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Manage Small Sealing and Asphalt Projects with Etnyre’s Maintenance Distributors

Not every road sealing or asphalt laying project requires large trucks, equipment and machinery. Especially for jobs on smaller lots or roadways, compact equipment ensures quicker application of liquid asphalt or other materials. As such, Etnyre manufactures and sells maintenance distributors that can easily attach to the back of a truck or trailer. If looking for equipment to handle your more precise paving jobs, Etnyre Maintenance Distributors are the perfect fit.

Maintenance Distributor Features

Optimize your speed and accuracy of single application and resealing liquid asphalt applications with Etnyre’s Maintenance Distributors. The unit features Etnyre’s exclusive circulation control system for fast and reliable application on any project. At Etnyre, we build each unit to exact specifications to ensure your productivity and ROI. Some of our maintenance distributors’ best features include:

  • Trailer with adjustable 2 ½” pintle eye, tandem axles on spring suspension
  • Tank constructed of steel shell and full section surge plates with 2″ fiberglass insulation
  • Air-powered circulating system with a 20-gallon flushing oil tank
  • Heating flue equipped with one diesel burner, auto ignition, 500,000 BTUs
  • 8′ full circulating spray bar
  • Hydraulic-driven asphalt pump
  • Tank capacity sizes ranging from 600 to 1,000 gallons

Call Today

Asphalt application and spray sealing have never been easier with the assistance of Etnyre Maintenance Distributors. When selecting new trucks and machinery to support your road maintenance crews, trust Etnyre for all your asphalt paving/repair equipment needs. Learn more about our products by calling 815-732-2116. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.