Sealcoat Sprayers
The back of a RaynMaker, a sealcoating sprayer manufactured by Etnyre

High-Quality Sealcoat Sprayers for Asphalt Paving Contractors

As a road maintenance crew or asphalt paving contractor, you’re expected to provide various asphalt repair and maintenance services. Of those services, sealcoating is one of the most requested of clients. Thus, having the right sealcoat sprayers to handle any job size is crucial to the success of your business. As such, E.D. Etnyre & Co. designs and manufactures our PavementSavers and BC502SC to meet the demands of sealcoating and road maintenance throughout the U.S.

The Advantages of Etnyre’s Sealcoat Sprayers

While there are plenty of smaller industrial tanks and sealcoating machines, Etnyre’s line of sealcoat sprayers is best for contractors managing long stretches of road, large lots, and significant sealcoating projects. Some of our equipment’s advantages include:

  • Greater Capacity
    • Smaller tanks and commercial sealcoat sprayers work great when sealing asphalt for driveways, short roads, private lots, etc. However, the capacity of these machines means you continually need to refill your sprayer to complete larger sealcoating jobs. Conversely, our BC502SC have a tank capacity of 1,500+ gallons, allowing contractors to complete most projects in one fill.
  • Convenience
    • Hand sprayers, while perfect for minor sealcoating projects, cannot meet the demands of sealcoating for roadways and large lots. Our BC502SC and PavementSavers are self-contained systems, allowing for the even application of sealcoat from the comfort and safety of a truck or cab.
  • Long-Lasting
    • Etnyre creates our products with longevity in mind. Using powerful engines, high-quality steel, and precisely designed controls, our pavement sprayers outlast standard sealcoat sprayers on the market. Contractors will more than get their money’s worth when using PavementSavers and BC502SC as their primary sealcoating machines.

Our Machines’ Best Features

Etnyre’s products’ quality and reliability are unmatched in the asphalt paving industry. When contractors and road maintenance crews require the best in sealcoating equipment options, they count on Etnyre’s line of exceptionally designed products. Some of the best features of our machines include:

  • PavementSavers
    • Joystick operator controls
    • Powerful hydraulic drive components
    • Axial piston wheel motors with planetary reduction
    • High-performance T-1 steel for mixer tank, hydraulic and diesel tanks
    • Spray bar that extends from 8 to 12 feet
    • Best spray bar filters in the industry
    • Capacity options between 420+ to 510+ gallons
  • BC502SC
    • Smart operating system with ARC system controls
    • Etnyre designed and patented spray bar system with excellent filtration
    • High-performance fine aggregate filled emulsion system
    • Hydraulic control system and driven material pump
    • Spray bar that extends from 8 to 12 feet
    • Capacity options between 1,000 and 4,000 gallons
The BC502SC, one of RES's Sealcoat Sprayers

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