Slurry Seal
A RoadSaver, used for slurry seal services

Help Restore Area Roadways with Slurry Seal

Infrastructure management is no simple task! Asphalt companies must continually serve the needs of businesses and municipalities with quick and efficient roadway maintenance, repair and installation. Thus, many contractors offer effective and long-lasting options for pavement preservation, such as slurry seals. As an asphalt contractor, if you require the best equipment for slurry seal service, E.D. Etnyre & Co. has the machines to meet your clients’ needs.

Why Pick Slurry Seal Treatment?

Slurry sealing is one of the most versatile pavement surface treatments available. Slurry seal is a bituminous mixture that allows for incredible versatility and flexibility when applied to pavement surfaces. As such, slurry sealing has unique advantages that benefit heavier-traveled roadways. Such advantages include:

  • Long-Lasting – Slurry-sealed roads add to the longevity of any roadway. Like sealcoating, slurry sealing is a protective layer for asphalt that fills cracks and prevents significant deterioration. In doing so, you can extend your pavement’s lifespan past the standard of 20 years.
  • Cost-Effective – Slurry sealing is significantly more affordable than standard asphalt repaving. This is due to the recycled material and minimal labor necessary for successful slurry sealing. Moreover, slurry sealing every 6 to 9 years helps prevent costly asphalt repairs.
  • Weather Protection – Ice, snow, severe storms and flooding can damage existing roadways. However, with slurry sealing, you protect your roadways from the worst weather conditions. Slurry seals prevent water and moisture from making their way into your pavement, compromising its integrity.
  • Pavement Preservation – If you’ve begun to notice the color fade away from asphalt and cracks/spidering occurring on the surface, a slurry seal can help save your pavement. By filling/covering cracks in your roadway, you can preserve pavement before further deterioration occurs.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – After applying slurry seal, you can restore any roadway’s black color and texture. In doing so, you freshen up pavement, increase the curb appeal for nearby homes/businesses, and allow for the reapplication of clear road markings.

The Best Equipment for Slurry Sealing

Slurry seal application isn’t a challenge when using the incredible equipment offered by Etnyre. At Etnyre, we manufacture our premium line of slurry seal machines: RoadSavers. Each model of RoadSaver uses better steel, high-quality components, and an operator-friendly design to outperform similar machines our competitors produce. Some of the RoadSaver II and IIIG’s best features:

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • PACCAR truck engine with increased, low-end torque
  • REPTO design with a hot shift feature, including specific safety elements
  • Emulsion pump filtering system
  • Twin hydraulic drives for balanced torque
  • State-of-the-art electronic sensors and displays providing real-time system info
  • Hydraulically driven dry additive system
  • Central operator control center

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