Top-Rated Chip Seal Equipment Arizona
Etnyre offers the Top-Rated Chip Seal Equipment in Arizona

Top-Rated Roads are Tended with Top-Rated Chip Seal Equipment for Arizona

There’s no getting around it; to get the best, you must use the best. That’s why for generations, Etnyre has been committed to continuing to produce top-rated chip seal equipment Arizona. While other companies might try to live up to our standard, Etnyre been innovating and setting the mark for 125 years. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the highest quality customizable equipment.

What Chip Sealing Can Do for You and Your Roads

In a disposable world, we often think to overlook maintenance in favor of replacement. But when it comes to roadways, replacement is inefficient and entirely too expensive. Fortunately, the effects of wear and tear on your road can be managed with the process of chip sealing. Chip sealing can increase the life of a roadway by as much as 12 years while allowing you to minimize closures. Chip sealing is also more affordable due to the minimal and straightforward labor and materials used in the process. And perhaps the greatest benefit of chip sealing is that it can increase the safety of your roadway because chip sealed surfaces are anti-glare and skid resistant.

At Etnyre, we have been added long enough to have learned that there is no single tool that can take care of every problem. That’s why our engineers always work hard to offer you options that can make your equipment the most effective for your needs. Turbocharged diesel engines, front or 4-wheel drive,12-to-24-foot front spread hoppers are just some of the features that make our chip spreaders the best in the industry and allow you to make them the best for you.

About Etnyre

Etnyre has known for its innovation in the roadway industry since the industry first began over a century ago. We have the experience and knowledge to build the best chip spreading equipment and asphalt equipment. We’ve learned how to help you navigate the specific choices available within the market. We promise you’ll always have the reliable, trust-worthy equipment you need to get the job done right. And our customer-centric approach ensures we’ll guide you through the process.

Etnyre offers the Top-Rated Chip Seal Equipment in Arizona

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At Etnyre, our team is always available to help talk you through all the options we have. So not only will you get top-rated chip spreading equipment in Arizona, you will also get the best customer support in the industry. We are committed to learning about your needs and taking the time to help you find the perfect fit. Call us today at 815-732-2116 to discuss all the options on a new chip spreader or contact us at 888-586-1899 for parts and services. We look forward to helping you be able to provide the “Etnyre road” for years to come.