What Equipment Do I Need for Chip Seal Paving?
Etnyre Var. Width Chipspreader

Trying to Find the Best Equipment for Chip Seal Paving?

Your road maintenance company can get all the equipment you need for chip seal paving from Etnyre. Since 1898, our company has set the standard for performance and dependability with our chip seal paving machinery. So, if you find yourself asking what equipment do I need for chip seal paving, come to us. We can provide you with all the following chip seal machinery:

In addition, we can build each unit customized to fit your needs. Plus, we back all our equipment for chip seal paving with unparalleled customer service. Most importantly, we provide total support for your business with a parts and service department that is there if your equipment needs repair. Send us an email at sales@etnyre.com or use our contact form to receive more information.

Why Choose Etnyre Chip Spreaders?

Etnyre Chip Spreaders are the first pieces of equipment you need for chip seal paving. We offer two models: our standard ChipSpreader and Big ChipSpreader. Both offer you more capability, flexibility, durability, and performance than alternatives. Here is what sets our machines apart from the rest available:

  • Hoppers that Allow for Changing Spread Width on the Move
    • Our variable width hopper uses hydraulics to extend and retract while covering the entire road and shoulder in one trip up to 24-feet wide.
    • In addition, hoppers retract with the flip of a switch and are ready to be transported only seconds after finishing the job.
    • Hoppers come available in four sizes including 9’x18’, 10’x20’, 11’x22’, and 12’x24’.
  • Powerful Engines
    • Our Standard ChipSpreader model comes with a 280-hp Cummins QSB engine.
    • Our Big ChipSpreader model features a 310-hp Cummins QSB engine.
  • Efficient Drive Systems
    • Both models feature an efficient hydrostatic planetary drive system.
    • You get your choice of front-wheel drive of four-wheel drive.
  • Exclusive Controls
    • We make sure operators stay comfortable with our signature sliding seat and control system.
  • Speed Control
    • Our machines offer seamless speed control from zero to full travel speed.
  • Efficient Aggregate Distribution
    • Our high-performance, 24” wide conveyor belts more precisely and evenly deliver aggregate to the surface being paved.

What Makes Etnyre the Best Choice for Asphalt Distributors?

Asphalt distributors are another piece of essential equipment you need for chip seal paving. With asphalt distributors, you can ensure better bonding between pavement layers with precise, even asphalt application. Our Black-Topper asphalt distributors set the standard for performance in the following ways:

  • Electronic asphalt pump speed control provides superior dependability and control while reducing maintenance down time.
  • The auto-maintained application spray rate on our equipment works at any bar width and truck speed.
  • All spraying functions are cab-controlled, allowing for a single operator.
  • We include a second set of controls for stationary controls in the rear driver side panel.
  • You can choose from broad lighting packages that can include work lights, panel strobes, LED lights, and beacons.
  • Customers get their choice of a rubber stainless steel tank walkway.
  • Our no bypass valve in the circulating system offers precise application.
  • An exclusive Smart Clean system flushes solvent through the circulating system to provide a clean, ready-to-go distributor after each use.
  • The balanced, dual-feed asphalt spray flow provides uniform application.
  • We can custom build tank sizes.

Contact Us

When you find yourself wondering whether your business has all the equipment it needs for chip seal paving, speak with Etnyre. We can provide you with all the equipment necessary to finish jobs quickly with less waste and less demands on manpower. Get in touch through our contact form or send us an email at sales@etnyre.com. In addition, you can reach us by calling 815-732-2116.