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Etnyre has the best Road Maintenance Equipment in Texas and the Best Crack Sealers in Illinois

For 125 years, Etnyre Has Offered the Best Asphalt Equipment in Arizona

A primary concern in the roadway industry is reliability. You should know it matters that Etnyre has been a reliable choice for the best asphalt equipment in Arizona for 125 years. Our commitment to craft and innovation have helped us stay at the forefront of the industry that connects us all. Our founder started with a hope for helping his fellow man and we choose to embody the ability we provide for our fellow roadway professionals to provide passable, safe, reliable roads that our communities can count on.

Find the Right Equipment with Etnyre

No person or community is an island unto itself. Roadways allow us to move to one another and move with one another in the production of the necessary goods of life. That’s why at Etnyre, we always take the time to talk to you about the types of situations you have and will need to navigate with the future of your roads. Not only does that interaction allow us to better find a fit for your needs, but it also gives us invaluable information as to the issues in the road industry so that we might innovate and engineer more effective solutions. Just like roads connect us, the time our team takes with you we’ll connect you to the right equipment.

Etnyre offers the equipment you need for small repairs, big-scale endeavors, and everything in between. We have trailers to transport big equipment. You can find crack sealers that offer the first line of defense against erosion later down the road. We also have chip spreaders and asphalt distributors, which enable crews to keep road operable and safe for the public.

The Etnyre Difference

We’re proud to say Etnyre has been building the highest-quality, custom-built asphalt products for more than a century. Founded in 1898, our goal from the start was to supply the asphalt road industry with the most reliable asphalt equipment in the United States. As we’ve continued to build the best tools for the asphalt road construction industry, we’ve developed a name for being the best in the business. That’s why, when you need the best asphalt equipment in Arizona, you know you can trust Etnyre.

Etnyre offers the Best Asphalt Equipment in Arizona

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