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A sealcoating buggy manufactured by Etnyre

Find the Best Sealcoating Buggies from Etnyre

There’s a reason E.D. Etnyre & Co. is known for having the best sealcoating buggies in the United States. Etnyre has long focused on building the best equipment for asphalt contractors. And it’s a legacy our company has built into our core. Etnyre’s PavementSaver line of buggies provide you with fast, effective asphalt repair and maintenance services. These buggies are designed to outperform the competitors every time.

The Etnyre PavementSaver Difference

PavementSaver is a perfect sealcoating buggy if you tend to tackle small, precise jobs. The great thing about this equipment is that they are compact, with a remarkable capacity for seal coat. It’s also easy-to-use for any operator. Best of all, the Etnyre PavementSaver outperforms other similar sealers every time.  Capable of both squeegee and spray applications, it’s a great addition to your business.

In addition to being a heavy duty, top-of-the-line piece of equipment, the PavementSaver’s joystick control and operator control panel make it simple for your team to use. Its 42-horsepower turbo diesel engine allows your team to operate even under extreme conditions, such as high altitude and even 15 percent grades. With its fast speed and three-wheel drive traction, the PavementSaver offers an incredible pace and control that’s noticeable. It pays to know the PavementSaver name when you’re looking for the best sealcoating buggies for your business.

About Etnyre

In addition to the PavementSaver line, Etnyre manufactures numerous types of high-end asphalt pavement maintenance equipment that contractors have come to rely on. We promise our equipment is built tough because we use high-end components and ultra-durable, hi-tensile T1 steel for our fabrications, ensuring a long life with little maintenance. Our equipment is designed to keep your crews productive. Whether you’re looking for seal coat, slurry seal, or micro surfacing machines, Etnyre has your crew covered.

The PavementSaver is one of the Best Seal Coating Buggies in the United States

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