Pavement Seal
A sealcoating buggy manufactured by Etnyre

Reliable, High-Quality Machines for Pavement Seal Treatment

Sealcoating is one of the most essential services asphalt contractors can provide to residential and commercial clients. A quality pavement seal can prevent damage and deterioration to asphalt, extend your pavement’s lifespan and save you and your clients’ money. However, you need the best equipment and machinery to ensure your clients receive excellent sealcoat service. E.D. Etnyre & Co. supplies contractors with the trucks and trailers they need to provide quick and efficient sealcoating for any pavement surface.

Why Your Clients Need Sealcoating

Without proper treatment and general maintenance, asphalt lots and roadways can fall into significant disrepair. And if your asphalt reaches such extremes, the only solution becomes expensive repairs, patching or outright replacement. Thankfully, you can offer your clients sealcoating service to avoid such complications. Sealcoating is a “must-offer” service for clients due to its:

  • Effectiveness
    • Sealcoating might not be the only pavement seal treatment available, but it’s one of the most effective. As long as your pavement has minimal damage, sealcoating can bind small cracks and provide a protective layer for asphalt. This layer repels moisture, oil spills, UV rays, and other factors contributing to asphalt deterioration.
  • Appearance
    • As pavement ages, it loses much of its color. Although this isn’t an immediate issue, old and faded asphalt can be a serious eyesore for private residents or businesses and decrease a property’s value and curb appeal. For businesses looking to attract customers, curb appeal and first impressions are everything! As such, sealcoating can mend minor cracks and restore your road or lot’s color.
  • Cost-Savings
    • Once contractors have the equipment necessary for sealcoating services, the materials and labor required for sealcoat jobs are minimal. Thus, contractors can profit significantly from sealcoating thanks to reduced material and labor costs. These savings also benefit your clients, as sealcoating is one of the most affordable asphalt treatments.

Our Sealcoat Equipment

Etnyre has the sealcoat trucks, buggies and trailers your company needs to succeed. Our sealcoating equipment has proven to be the most reliable, durable and efficient of other equipment available. With Etnyre, we can guarantee our machines’ ability to take on the most demanding projects, ensuring simple equipment operation for contractors of varying experience levels. Our sealcoat products include:

  • PavementSavers – The Etnyre PavementSaver is a sealcoat buggy that makes quick work of any smaller sealcoating project. With increased durability and precise maneuverability, the PavementSaver can cover those “hard to reach” pavement surfaces.
  • BC502SC – When a sealcoat buggy isn’t big enough, asphalt contractors count on Etnyre’s BC502SC. Our sealcoat trucks carry large volumes of sealcoat (between 1,000 to 4,000 gallons) and spray vast pavement areas. Each distribution unit is skid-mounted and self-contained, with precise digital controls.
  • RaynPro T-Series – If you want the same ability and effectiveness as our BC502SC, but without the truck attached, check out Etnyre’s RaynPro T-Series. These sealcoat trailers are customizable with various excellent features and come in all colors and tank sizes.
A sealcoat buggy for applying Pavement Seal to roadway surfaces

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To ensure your asphalt contracting business can offer the most essential asphalt services for clients, invest in E.D. Etnyre & Co.’s line of sealcoating products for pavement seal treatment. Learn more about our PavementSavers, BC502SCs and additional machinery by calling 815-732-2116. We serve clients in Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and throughout the United States.