Scrub Seal Pavement Treatment

What Is Scrub Seal Pavement Treatment?

Scrub seal pavement treatment uses brooms to scrub into an asphalt surface to reach cracks and imperfections while applying an asphalt emulsion. As a result, the emulsion can more effectively repair minor damage, seal surface voids, and fill small cracks. It is an efficient way to maintain streets, parking lots, driveways, and other asphalt surfaces. Also, the scrub seal can be applied swiftly, minimizing disruptions to traffic and road closures. Consequently, scrub seal pavement treatment offers an ideal solution for maintaining and preserving asphalt, particularly in areas with low to moderate traffic.

Etnyre supports asphalt contracting businesses like yours with world-class equipment like our scrub seal broom box. Innovative features on our scrub seal broom box allow you to eliminate issues with run-off against road edges and curbs. Plus, our equipment allows you to adjust to varying pavement conditions with three variable broom settings. Here is a brochure for our scrub seal machine. For more information about our scrub seal broom box, message our contact form or email us at

What Are the Benefits of Scrub Seal Pavement Treatment?

There are several compelling reasons to employ scrub seal pavement treatment to maintain existing roads, driveways, parking lots, and asphalt paving. Here are some of the most significant benefits obtained by using scrub seal methods:

  • Eco-Friendlier
    • Unlike other asphalt pavement maintenance methods, scrub seal will not require excessive amounts of asphalt or aggregate, also known as chips.
    • As a result, scrub seal reduces environmental impact by minimizing material use.
  • Enhanced Surface Results
    • Scrub seal also provides a smoother, more uniform texture because the scrubbing action creates better adhesion of the emulsion to the pavement.
    • Most importantly, the resulting surface texture offers better driving conditions with improved traction control and more skid resistance.
  • Cost Savings
    • The more efficient use of materials will cut down on overall operating costs.
    • In addition, the Etnyre scrub seal broom box completes road maintenance projects more quickly and reduces demands on manpower.

What Issues Does Scrub Seal Pavement Treatment Address?

Etnyre’s scrub seal broom box allows you to tackle several significant asphalt pavement problems. Here are some of the common problems that break down pavement that you can tackle with help from our scrub seal machine:

  • Severe Oxidation
    • Oxidation happens when oxygen reacts with the asphalt binder over time, resulting in surface deterioration or brittle pavement.
    • Scrub seal pavement treatment prevents oxidation by sealing cracks, protecting the binder, and blocking oxidation substances.
  • Raveling
    • Raveling occurs when small aggregate particles break loose over time, creating a rough surface texture.
    • Scrub seal pavement treatment prevents raveling with crack sealing, binder protection, and enhanced surface integrity.
  • Friction Loss
    • Scrub seal reduces the risk of aggregate breaking loose, helping to better maintain the pavement’s original friction performance.
  • Transverse Cracking
    • Transverse cracks weaken pavement and allow for water infiltration in the horizontal cracks that run perpendicular to the road’s center line.
    • Scrub seal provides a seal for cracks, preserves the asphalt binder, and reduces the risk of the formation of transverse cracks.
  • Longitudinal Cracking
    • Longitudinal cracks are like transverse cracks except they run parallel to the road’s center lines.
    • Scrub seal also helps to reduce the likelihood of the longitudinal cracks forming.
Scrub Seal Pavement Treatment

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