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Etnyre Offers the Best Asphalt Equipment in Tennessee

Regardless of what road maintenance equipment you’re looking for, Etnyre has the best asphalt equipment in Tennessee. Etnyre is every bit as reliable as the best roads, especially now that we’ve entered our 125th year of service and innovation. We have a constant focus on our customers’ operations. And experience has allowed us to engineer and customize equipment for generations and the ever-changing needs of the road industry. We are proud to say you will go far with the Etnyre name as part of your crew.

Etnyre Products

Whether you’re looking for small, early repairs or bigger, larger scale endeavors, Etnyre has the equipment you’ll need. We offer the kinds of trailers you need to transport your materials. You can use our crack sealers as an early line of defense against later erosion. And our chip spreaders and asphalt distributors will enable your road crews to keep your roadways operable and safe for everyone who relies on them.

Edward D. Etnyre began his company over a century ago with a keen interest for helping his fellow man. Today, near we still try to embody that spirit by providing our customers the most advanced, efficient, and effective road equipment. Foam operation customization like the options offered with our low boy trailers, to the tank capacity variances we offer with our crack sealers, you are sure to be able to find or fabricate the perfect equipment with our team’s help.

Reliable from the Start

Etnyre was founded in 1898, alongside the early days of the asphalt road industry. Today, we build a wide range of asphalt equipment that continues to set the standard for reliability. We are proud to say we’ve built a name as being a leading name in the asphalt road construction industry from our beginnings. That’s why we know you can trust that we offer the best asphalt equipment in Tennessee.

Etnyre offers the Best Asphalt Equipment in Tennessee

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Call us at 815-732-2116 so we can show you first-hand why we have the best asphalt equipment in Tennessee. You can also contact us with a click online, where we offer financing and municipal bid opportunities. Find out why we so many asphalt companies are proud to put the Etnyre name on their roads.