Chip Seal Equipment
An Etnyre ChipSpreader spreading asphalt aggregate on pavement

Road Maintenance Made Easy with Etnyre’s Chip Seal Equipment

Infrastructure throughout the United States is always in need of maintenance and updating. As such, it’s crucial for road maintenance crews and city municipalities to keep up with the infrastructure demands of their area. And thanks to Etnyre, asphalt contractors can have more confidence in the speed and quality of their work! With chip seal equipment supplied by Etnyre, you can offer highly-efficient and reliable chip seal services to clients across the country.

The Machinery You Need

Etnyre manufactures top-rated chip seal machines designed to maximize the effectiveness of the chip seal process while offering operators the most convenience possible. For nearly every step of chip sealing, Etnyre’s equipment has you covered.

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • The first step to chip sealing is the application of liquid asphalt to a roadway’s surface. Asphalt not only helps seal the surface underneath but also provides a layer of application for aggregate chips to adhere to. To ensure an even covering of liquid asphalt, Etnyre’s asphalt distributors are ready for action! Our distributors can carry between 1,000 to 4,500 gallons of liquid asphalt, which can be sprayed quickly and safely over any road surface.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • Once asphalt is spread, the next step of chip and seal is the distribution of aggregate chips. The combination of chips and liquid asphalt help protect roadways from future damage and ensure a skid-resistant and anti-glare surface for drivers. To make chip application simple, contractors use Etnyre’s state-of-the-art ChipSpreaders. This piece of machinery features 10 to 15-foot front spread hoppers, 24-inch-wide conveyor belts, and computer-controlled application for quick and reliable chip spreading.
  • Live Bottom Trailers
    • In addition to chip seal equipment, asphalt contractors must have trucks and trailers to transport raw materials, such as aggregate chips. To meet contractors’ loading and unloading needs, Etnyre produces the lightest and fastest live bottom trailers in the industry. Our Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers ensure unloading and transporting raw materials is quick and without risk. Using a conveyor system, live bottoms can be precise in how they release their contents.

More from Etnyre

ED Etnyre & Co. has proudly manufactured a wide range of equipment serving the asphalt road construction industry since 1898. Our machines are unparalleled in their levels of quality and support, using the highest-quality parts and featuring advanced technology. In addition to our chip seal equipment, we also supply products for asphalt repair and transportation, including:

Chip Seal Equipment

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