Sealcoating Spray Systems for Sale
A large sealcoating spray system for sale from Etnyre

Count on Etnyre for the Best Sealcoating Spray Systems for Sale

Are your clients’ roadways protected? As an asphalt contractor, asphalt protection, maintenance and upkeep are significant concerns. Having the equipment necessary for protecting asphalt is essential for any road maintenance crew in the United States. Thankfully, with help from E.D. Etnyre & Co., you can supply your company with the best sealcoating spray systems for sale alongside other high-quality asphalt equipment.

Choosing the Right Sealcoat Machines

Etnyre manufactures three primary sealcoat systems to give asphalt contractors options: our PavementSaver, BC502SC and the RaynPro T-Series. Our sealcoating spray systems for sale fit the precise needs of contractors and their clients. For help selecting the right sealcoat sprayer for your company, read the descriptions below and talk with Etnyre.

  • PavementSavers
    • For a versatile, highly-maneuverable sealcoat machine, Etnyre’s PavementSavers fit the bill. Our PavementSaver II and III sealcoat buggies are designed to outrun, outlast and outperform all other sealcoat machines. Buggies can effortlessly cover small lots, driveways, and asphalt roadways with even layers of protective sealcoating, helping preserve the life of pavement.
  • BC502SC
    • For your larger sealcoat jobs, Etnyre’s BC502SC are your best choice. Our BC502SC Sealcoat Spray Systems are skid-mounted, self-contained, and high-capacity mobile sealcoat distribution units. Each unit utilizes a diesel engine, hydraulics, digital controls, material spread rate computer, pumping system, and additional features that simplify the application of sealcoat for large pavement projects.
  • RaynPro T-Series
    • If you’d instead equip your existing trucks and vehicles with a new sealcoat spray system, the RaynPro T-Series is right for you. You get the same power, capacity and productivity as our BC502SC units but without the dedicated truck. Etnyre’s RaynPro T-Series are highly customizable, with options for capacity, trailers, spray bar length, etc.
The PavementSaver, one of RES's Sealcoating Spray Systems for Sale

Additional Machinery for Preserving Asphalt

Although having sealcoat machines is essential for asphalt protection services, sealcoating isn’t the only way to preserve pavement. In recent years, slurry sealing has become popular in states throughout the U.S. and is an effective asphalt resurfacing treatment. As such, Etnyre develops top-rated equipment for slurry seal application, such as our RoadSaver II and IIIG. Etnyre also manufactures tanks, tankers, and sealcoat plants for asphalt and sealcoat storage.

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Maximize your asphalt protection and preservation services with the best sealcoating spray systems for sale, thanks to E.D. Etnyre & Co. To learn more about our sealcoat machines and other asphalt equipment, or to request a quote, contact us at 815-732-2116. We serve clients in Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, Illinois and throughout the United States.