Top-Rated Chip Spreaders Texas
One of Etnyre's top-rated chip spreaders for Texas asphalt contractors

Chip & Seal Made Easy with Top-Rated Chip Spreaders in Texas

There’s no end to the road maintenance work requested throughout the Lone Star state. So much so, in fact, that asphalt contractors can have a hard time keeping up! Thankfully, for services like chip sealing, there’s available equipment that can greatly streamline the process. For example, chip spreaders have become essential machinery for chip sealing. And if searching for top-rated chip spreaders for Texas asphalt contractors, look no further than E.D. Etnyre & Co.

Why Do You Need Chip Spreaders?

Besides fulfilling an essential role in the chip seal process, chip spreaders significantly improve the overall process of asphalt restoration. And as popular as chip & seal has become for preserving pavement, you want to ensure your clients it’s a service you’re confident in offering. As such, with Etnyre’s chip spreaders, you can expect:

  • A Need for Less Labor
    • Asphalt paving is an incredibly labor-intensive job. Without advanced equipment, entire crews are necessary to complete projects on time. However, with the addition of chip spreaders to your fleet of asphalt equipment, you can significantly reduce your need for labor. A job typically requiring half a dozen or more contractors can be finished with one to two operators and a chip spreader!
  • Shorter Job Timeframes
    • If brainstorming ways to expedite your workload and cut the time between jobs, chip spreaders are your answer! Thanks to chip spreaders and additional asphalt equipment, the time to complete chip sealing is vastly shortened. Not only does this save time for individual projects, but it’s now possible to pick up and complete more than one project in a day! The addition of chip spreaders can help you manage more jobs than ever before.
  • Advanced Control Capabilities
    • Thanks to the innovations in asphalt paving tech made by Etnyre, our latest chip spreaders utilize all digital controls. For operators, not only do digital controls make running Etnyre machines easier, but they also enable more precise maneuvering not typically available for road maintenance equipment. For example, digital controls allow operators to control the rate of application for chips and their size on the fly.

Why Choose Etnyre ChipSpreaders?

Few manufacturers have produced industrial machinery for as long as Etnyre! Since 1898, we’ve continually set the standard for performance and reliability in road maintenance equipment. Our top-rated chip spreaders for Texas are no exception, boasting some of the highest productivity of other chip spreaders on the market. With Etnyre ChipSpreaders, you can expect:

  • Front-wheel or four-wheel drive
  • Turbocharged diesel engine with 260 H.P.
  • Computer control application rate and speed control
  • 24-inch-wide hydrostatic driven conveyor belts
  • 12 to 24-foot front spread hopper with hydrostatic driven spread roll
  • Fixed or variable hopper
  • Individual gates for effortless radius corners
  • Folding batwings for improved material usage
  • Manual sliding console/seat assembly
Top-Rated Chip Spreaders in Texas being used as part of a large chip seal project

Call Etnyre

When looking for ways to keep up with the road maintenance and chip seal demands of the Lone Star state, asphalt contractors trust Entyre for our top-rated chip spreaders in Texas. To learn more about our products or request a quote, call today at 815-732-2116. Our main office is located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee and throughout the United States.