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Nowhere Can You Find Better Chip Spreaders in Texas!

Only the biggest, most durable, and longest-lasting equipment for Texas contractors can cut it for road maintenance and repair. And when you ask any Texas asphalt contractor, only one manufacturer fits the bill for providing the best equipment available: Etnyre International! Our machines have contributed to asphalt services for chip sealing across the state, including chip spreaders for Texas contractors. If interested in our chip spreaders and additional asphalt machinery, call Etnyre today!

Is Chip Sealing the Best Service to Offer?

While there are dozens of different methods for repairing, maintaining and restoring asphalt, chip sealing ranks high among them! And for one of the best asphalt services, contractors need some of the best chip seal machinery from Etnyre. With chip seal service, you can expect:

  • Quick Project Completion – Asphalt machines lend to the ease and speed of chip sealing, allowing for a quick paving process that can be completed within a day.
  • Reduced Labor – Unlike some paving services, where crews of a dozen or so contractors are necessary to complete a job, chip sealing requires minimal labor. A few machine operators can easily manage most large chip seal projects.
  • Recycled Materials – The asphalt aggregate used for chip sealing is from previously torn-up roadways. By using recycled asphalt, the costs for chip sealing are kept low for contractors and clients alike.
  • Expanded Lifespan – Traffic, chemicals, moisture, and UV rays can get the best of asphalt pavement. Thankfully, chip sealing provides a protective layer to pavement that keeps moisture out, reflects the sun’s rays, and extends the lifespan of asphalt.
  • Greater Safety – The properties of a chip seal road allow for greater driver safety. Chip seal surfaces are skid-resistant and anti-glare, protecting drivers from slipping accidents and eye strain.
  • Self-Repairing – Chip seal roads can partially repair themselves! On hot days, a chip seal surface reseals cracks by flowing back together.

What to Expect from Etnyre’s ChipSpreader

The ChipSpreader is one of Etnyre’s flagship products! Our chip spreaders for Texas can quickly and accurately apply precise amounts of asphalt aggregate to any roadway surface, using multiple aggregate sizes and application rates through a full range of travel speeds and spreading widths. Our chip spreaders’ best features include:

  • Hydrostatic Drive System and Variable-Width Spread Hopper
  • Turbocharged Diesel Engine with 260 H.P.
  • 24-inch-wide Hydrostatic Driven Conveyor Belts
  • Folding Batwings for Improved Material Usage
  • Individual Gates for Effortless Radius Corners
  • Front-Wheel or Four-Wheel Drive
  • Computer Control Application Rate and Speed Control
  • Manual Sliding Console/Seat Assembly
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Chip spreaders for Texas asphalt contractors are essential for providing high-quality chip seal services to businesses, property owners, and municipalities throughout the state. If interested in what the best asphalt equipment has to offer, call Etnyre International at 815-732-2116. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee and throughout the United States.