Best Chip Spreaders
The best chip spreaders with extended wings

Boost Your Asphalt Resurfacing Services with the Best Chip Spreaders

Asphalt resurfacing is an essential service for any asphalt contractor to offer. Resurfacing helps restore deteriorating asphalt and prevent expensive replacement of pavement. Of the resurfacing contractors offer, most prefer chip sealing: an incredibly effective resurfacing method. However, you can only ensure high-quality chip sealing services with the best chip spreaders and asphalt equipment. Reach out to Etnyre to discover what the best machinery for asphalt resurfacing looks like.

Why Do You Need High-Quality Chip Spreaders?

While there are other options for chip spreaders available to contractors, only Etnyre’s ChipSpreaders ensure the precision, volume, and speed you need to achieve the best chip seal services. We understand the needs of machine operators better than anyone else and design our equipment with maximum performance and high production in mind. With our chip spreaders, you can expect:

  • Larger Project Sizes
    • As popular as chip sealing is, city municipalities and property owners rely on it to restore heavily trafficked lots and roadways. However, these projects are no small jobs! Thankfully, our chip spreaders’ size and asphalt chip capacity enable them to take on the largest chip seal projects. Without an Etnyre ChipSpreader, these excellent-paying jobs are just out of reach.
  • Precise Control
    • The quality of your chip sealing services comes down to the application rate and size of aggregate chips. And when roadway surfaces are absorbent, weathered or flushed, precise chip application is crucial to ensuring an effective chip seal. As such, Etnyre’s ChipSpreader uses computerized controls to ensure precise control over chip application, size, and coverage.
  • Quicker Job Completion
    • Come road maintenance season, the attention and care for your area’s roadways is the priority of every city, business and property owner. To keep up with demand, you require equipment that can provide quality services, fast project completion times, and quick turnarounds between jobs. Etnyre’s chip spreaders fit the bill, streamlining the most important steps in the chip seal process.

Additional Features of Our ChipSpreaders

When Etnyre says we offer the best chip spreaders in the asphalt industry, we aren’t joking! Our ChipSpreaders are top-rated for safety, durability, and efficiency. Our machines can achieve accurate and efficient aggregate application by using a hydrostatic drive system and variable-width spread hopper, among other features:

Etnyre's best chips spreaders

  • Turbocharged diesel engine with 260 HP
  • 24-inch-wide hydrostatic-driven conveyor belts
  • Computer-controlled application rate and speed control
  • Folding batwings for improved material usage
  • Individual gages for effortless radius corners

Give Us a Call

There’s no questioning the incredible chip seal services you can offer with Etnyre’s best chip spreaders! If you are interested in our chip seal equipment or additional asphalt machinery for pavement repair, resurfacing and transportation, contact Etnyre at 815-732-2116. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.