Chip Seal Equipment for Sale
Etnyre chip seal equipment for sale

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Whether you’re looking to expand your fleet of road maintenance equipment or you wish to offer a new asphalt paving service, Etnyre has you covered. We design and manufacture some of the best chip seal equipment for sale in the United States. Etnyre expertly crafts our machinery, using the highest-quality materials, parts and technology available to asphalt contractors. Talk with Etnyre today to find the equipment that best suits your business.

Where to Start

Etnyre supplies essential machines for the chip seal process. You can find everything you need to offer complete chip and seal services, from asphalt distributors to chip spreaders. From the beginning to the end of a chip seal project, Etnyre machines get the job done!

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • Chip sealing begins by applying a layer of liquid asphalt to the roadway surface. This asphalt not only acts as an adhesive for aggregate chips but can also help seal any cracks or fissures on a street’s surface. Using Etnyre’s asphalt distributors, the application of asphalt is quick and easy. Our trucks hold between 1,000 to 4,500 gallons and are equipped with a full circulating 12-foot spray bar.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • After asphalt application, aggregate chips are spread across your roadway’s surface. These chips lend to the strength and durability of your chip seal street, in addition to making it safer to traverse in sunny or icy conditions. With the Etnyre ChipSpreader, it spreads aggregate chips across freshly laid asphalt using a hydrostatic drive system and variable width spread hopper. Operators can control the speed aggregate sizes via your chip spreader’s computerized controls.
  • Live Bottom Trailers
    • Chip sealing and other asphalt paving services require large volumes of raw material. Thus, having appropriate transportation equipment is essential for any asphalt contractor. As such, Etnyre’s Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers are your best option for reliable material transportation. Live bottom trailers utilize large truck beds and a conveyor belt system for precise and flexible unloading of contents.

Only the Best from Etnyre

Etnyre continues to innovate in the asphalt paving industry. Since 1898, we’ve developed a wide range of industrial machines and equipment for various road maintenance and construction purposes. Not only do we build our machines with the best materials and parts, but we provide unparalleled customer support to all our clients. In addition to our chip seal equipment for sale, we also provide:

Chip Seal Equipment for Sale, performing chip and seal service for old roadways

Talk with Our Team

To ensure your company can offer the best chip sealing services, all you need is the best equipment! Select the best chip seal equipment for sale with help from Etnyre. To learn more about our products and machinery, contact us today at 815-732-2166. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.