Best Chip Seal Equipment Texas
Best Chip Seal Equipment Texas

Advance Your Paving Company with the Best Chip Seal Equipment in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas; even the paving projects throughout the Lone Star State are bigger! To this end, paving contractors require the best chip seal equipment in Texas to keep up. With exceptional distributors, chip spreaders, and other industrial road maintenance equipment, your company can easily meet the paving and resurfacing needs of private property owners, small businesses and city municipalities. To find high-quality machinery near you, contact E.D. Etnyre & Co. today!

Everything You Need for Chip Sealing

With the right equipment, chip & seal resurface methods are some of the quickest and easiest to perform. However, these paving jobs become significantly more challenging without high-quality machinery. That’s why Etnyre’s asphalt distributors, chip spreaders and transports/trailers are what you need to offer excellent asphalt resurfacing.

  • Spray Asphalt with Distributor Trucks
    • The Black-Topper Asphalt Distributor sets the bar for accuracy and quality when it comes to spraying liquid asphalt. As part of chip sealing and other paving projects, a layer of hot liquid asphalt is sprayed over the roadway being resurfaced. Distributors enable contractors to spray asphalt quicker and more accurately than manual labor can afford. Distributors also reduce the need for additional labor.
  • Lay Aggregate Chips with Chip Spreaders
    • The Etnyre ChipSpreader is an essential component of the chip seal process. Our chip spreaders can control the chip size and application rate in precise detail when spreading chips over asphalt surfaces. Thanks to Etnyre’s chip spreaders, contractors can complete chip seal jobs more quickly and promise greater strength and durability of the final aggregate chip overlay.
  • Move Materials with Asphalt Transports & Trailers
    • Even with the right machines for completing chip seal jobs, you still need equipment for the equipment and materials you use! Large industrial road maintenance machinery and your raw materials are more accessible to transport with trailers and asphalt tankers. For example, our lowboy trailers are perfect for moving large trucks, machines and equipment, and our asphalt transports and live bottom trailers are best for delivering liquid asphalt and raw materials, respectively.

Texas’s Trusted Industrial Equipment Supplier

It all started in 1898 when Etnyre began modifying, designing and manufacturing a wide range of asphalt road construction equipment. Our commitment to high-quality parts and exceptionally durable equipment has made us one of the most trusted manufacturers for asphalt contractors throughout the United States. Whether you need the best chip seal equipment in Texas or anywhere in the country, Etnyre has you covered. In addition to our chip seal equipment, see our selection of crack sealers and custom machinery.

An Etnyre Chip Spreader, part of the Best Chip Seal Equipment in Texas

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Secure the best chip seal equipment in Texas, and the success of your asphalt paving company is assured! Reach out to the road maintenance machinery experts at E.D. Etnyre & Co. today. To learn more about our company and products or request a quote, call 815-732-2166. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061, serving clients throughout Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and the U.S.