Chip Seal Machines
Chip Seal Machines

Help Your Company Stand Out with the Best Chip Seal Machines

As an asphalt contractor, are you looking for an edge over your competitors? While asphalt paving services are numerous, having the right equipment makes a difference. For example, Etnyre supplies chip seal machines that perfect the chip sealing process, guaranteeing highly-effective road repair and preservation. To ensure you have the right asphalt machines for any paving project, contact the professionals at Etnyre today.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Every asphalt contractor’s primary equipment for chip and seal service includes asphalt distributors and chip spreaders. Additionally, live bottom trailers and asphalt transports help carry the material necessary for providing chip seal service. Thankfully, with Etnyre, we have the essential chip seal machines covered.

  • Asphalt Distributors
    • The Black-Topper Asphalt Distributor is the go-to asphalt distribution truck for most contractors throughout the United States. As the first step to chip sealing, asphalt distributors lay an even coat of liquid asphalt on a roadway’s surface. Etnyre’s trucks can apply liquid asphalt evenly and at a consistent speed via adjustable spray bars.
  • Chip Spreaders
    • After the first layer of liquid asphalt, aggregate asphalt chips are applied to a roadway’s surface. In chip sealing, this is done using chip spreaders. The Etnyre ChipSpreader helps create a skid-resistant and anti-glare surface by spreading aggregate chips using 10 to 15-foot front spread hoppers, 24-inch-wide convey belts and computer-controlled application.
  • Asphalt Maintenance Units
    • Also known as asphalt transport, our asphalt maintenance units make transporting liquid asphalt a snap. Each unit can carry between 1,000 to 4,500 gallons of liquid asphalt (much like our distributor machines). Furthermore, every unit has precise temperature controls, ensuring the material stays hot and fresh en route to a job site and throughout a project’s duration.
  • Live Bottom Trailers
    • Etnyre’s Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers are the fastest, lightest weight live bottom trailers in the construction industry. Live bottoms significantly outperform dump trucks for quick and safe loading and unloading of raw materials at a job site. Our live bottom trailers can push out their contents completely and precisely using a conveyor belt system.
A chip spreader and asphalt distributor, two Chip Seal Machines from Etnyre

About Etnyre

Etnyre has been in the business of asphalt equipment production for the past century! Our 100 years of experience crafting high-quality chip seal machines have led us to be one of the go-to manufacturers in the asphalt paving industry. We strive to offer top-rated machines, continually innovating with the latest parts and technology. In addition to the equipment already mentioned, Etnyre supplies contractors with crack sealers, lowboy trailers, flushers/sprinklers, storage tanks and more.

Talk with Our Team

The best chip seal machines are only a call away! Select the asphalt machinery that can lead your business to success with help from Etnyre. To learn more about our road maintenance equipment, contact us today at 815-732-2166. We are located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061. Etnyre is headquartered in Illinois, serving clients throughout the United States.