Live Bottom Trailers Texas
A freshly paved chip seal roadway, thanks to Etnyre's asphalt equipment

Etnyre’s Live Bottom Trailers in Texas Allow for Easy Hauling

For those looking to haul large loads of raw materials, live bottom trailers have become a popular option. Offering Falcon Live Bottom Trailers in Texas, Etnyre offers our customers this great option, that ensures a safer and more precise haul of raw materials. The speed and lightness of our live bottom trailers makes us industry leaders. And you can avoid the risk of overhead hazards because of our reliable conveyor system.

Why Live Bottom?

Though dump trucks have been an industry standard for years, live bottom trailers are gaining more popularity because of the unique advantages they have. These trucks’ conveyor belts allow for more precise control of the material being unloaded. Because live bottom trailer unloads in a smooth, controlled way, cleaning is much easier. This allows you to avoid the problems dump trucks have while avoiding cross-contamination of materials. Live bottom trailers also have a much lower center of gravity than a dump truck. This lower center of gravity decreases the risk of rollovers when unloading and almost entirely eliminates rollover accidents.

Some of the fastest and lightest in the industry, our Falcon live bottom trailers have a reliable patented conveyor system that increases your efficiency. With only 1/2 revolution of the belt necessary to unload material, our 42-inch-wide belt eliminates slats and minimizes material bridging. Our trucks also offer a variety of rear doors that allow for optimal efficiency with any material you’re hauling.

About Etnyre

Since 1898, Etnyre has manufactured numerous types of equipment for the asphalt road construction industry. We began by manufacturing asphalt distributors, chip spreaders, storage tanks, and trailers. From our start, we have set the standard for performance and reliability. And we have built upon our success. Today, we build each unit to order, with unmatched support for our customers.

A Live Bottom Trailers in Texas, ready to be used for spreading asphalt aggregate

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If you’re looking to change the way you transport and unload material, Etnyre’s Falcon live bottom trailers are the ones to use. Call us today at 815-732-2116 to talk to us about live bottom trailers in Texas. We offer many other products, like lowboy trailers, crack sealers, and chip spreaders. Make sure you ask about those when you get in touch.