Top-Rated Crack Sealers
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Improve Your Roadways with Top-Rated Crack Sealers from Etnyre

As an asphalt contractor, do you find keeping up with the demand for pavement and roadway maintenance and care challenging? You’re not alone! Countless contractors across the U.S. are looking for better, more effective means for repairing, protecting and restoring pavement while providing fast, reliable and long-lasting service. For these contractors, this means an investment in better equipment for asphalt repair. That’s where Etnyre can help! We provide asphalt contractors across Arizona, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and the entire country with top-rated crack sealers and the best asphalt equipment on the market. Reach out today to learn about our exceptional products!

The Importance of Crack Repair

As cracks form in asphalt, these are some of the first signs of pavement under duress. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the eventual degradation of asphalt under extreme temperatures, heavy traffic, and the passage of time. However, through crack repair and Etnyre’s top-rated crack sealers, you can slow asphalt deterioration and extend the life of your pavement, among other benefits:

  • Extends Pavement Life – By filling cracks, you prevent water from seeping into the asphalt, preventing further deterioration and extending the pavement’s lifespan.
  • Prevents Expensive Replacement – Regular maintenance, such as crack sealing, can prevent the need for more costly asphalt replacements.
  • Enhances Safety – Sealed cracks mean smoother surfaces, reducing the risk of pedestrian and vehicle accidents.
  • Improves Appearance – Maintaining your asphalt with regular crack repairs can enhance the appearance of your roadway or pavement, contributing to a more professional or appealing image.
  • Increases Property Value – Well-maintained pavement can increase property value, making it a wise investment for property owners.

The Power of Etnyre Crack Sealers

Etnyre’s top-rated crack sealers are asphalt contractors’ number one choice for offering the best service. Thanks to the exceptional heating capabilities and circulation systems part of our crack sealers, operators experience higher production speeds and a lower cost of labor per shift, saving money for clients and businesses alike! Some of the other incredible features of Etnyre Crack Sealers include:

  • Versatile controls that allow for automatic or manual machine operation
  • An enclosed, high-pressure diesel-oil burner with automatic ignition
  • An environmentally friendly flush-free system
  • Two sealant loading doors, designed to be easily accessible
  • Closed loop, flow-controlled hot oil heating system
  • A sealant tank capacity of 250 or 400 gallons
A man filling cracks in asphalt, using Top-Rated Crack Sealers manufactured by Etnyre

Find the Best Asphalt Equipment with Etnyre

In addition to top-rated crack sealers, Etnyre produces the industry’s best live bottom trailers, asphalt distributors, and chip spreaders. Whether your company requires equipment for asphalt repair or wants to expand pavement maintenance and restoration capabilities, Etnyre has the high-quality machinery you need to go above and beyond for your clients. If interested in Etnyre’s additional asphalt products, used equipment, parts and services, and additional resources, call 815-732-2166. Our main office is located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061, serving clients throughout Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and the U.S.