Top-Rated Live Bottom Trailers
A new top-rated live bottom trailer made by Etnyre

Embrace the Future of Dumping and Unloading with Etnyre’s Top-Rated Live Bottom Trailers

If you’ve been an asphalt contractor for any time, you’re likely familiar with live bottom trailers. These unique pieces of equipment are a step above the standard dump truck or trailer, allowing operators to drop loads quickly and precisely wherever needed. As popular as live bottoms have grown in the asphalt paving industry, they’re becoming the preferred choice of contractors across all construction industries. And with Etnyre’s top-rated live bottom trailers and other asphalt products, you can ensure you’re getting the best equipment for the right price. Call today to learn more!

How Do Live Bottom Trailers Work?

From Illinois to Texas, live bottom trailers are changing how businesses haul and unload raw materials. Thanks to the ease of operation and versatility of live bottoms, contractors can maximize their payloads and ensure quick and precise unloading. A live bottom trailer uses a conveyor belt system at the bottom of its bed to push material out at any pace an operator prefers. Because of the design and function of live bottom trailers, they benefit from:

  • Low Center of Gravity – Live bottom trailers place the weight of the cargo lower to the ground compared to traditional dump trucks and trailers. This low center of gravity provides better stability and control while driving, reducing the risk of tipping over, especially when maneuvering around curves or uneven terrain. This feature also enables operators to maximize load sizes without compromising the trailer’s stability.
  • Clean Unloading – Using a continuous conveyor belt mechanism at the bottom, live bottom trailers can deliver a smooth, even discharge of materials, leaving the bed clean, with nothing left behind. This clean unloading reduces the need for extra manual cleaning after unloading, saving both time and labor costs. Secondly, clean unloading minimizes the risk of cross-contamination when transporting different types of materials in succession.
  • Controlled Dumping – With traditional dump trucks, the dumping action is an all-or-nothing situation. Conversely, live bottom trailers allow operators to manage the speed and direction of the material discharge. In doing so, trailers enable precise placement of materials, particularly useful in operations that require exact distribution, such as road paving or construction projects. Additionally, controlled dumping reduces the potential for material spillage and waste.

Etnyre’s Live Bottom Features

When it comes to top-rated live bottom trailers in the United States, Etnyre can’t be beat! Our Falcon® Live Bottom Trailers are some of the best, fastest, and lightest weight trailers on the market. We not only provide live bottom trailers for contractors but also offer truck-mounted live bottoms. Some of our live bottom trailers’ best features include:

  • A patented conveyor system that minimizes maintenance and downtime
  • A 42-inch-wide belt that eliminates slats and minimizes material bridging
  • Exceptional fuel consumption and the ability to carry maximum payloads
  • Various rear doors, including twin, concrete, high-lift and high-lift bi-folds, for quick and efficient unloading and access
  • Steep side walls to prevent bridging and encourage the easy discharge of materials
A row of Top-Rated Live Bottom Trailers, manufactured by Etnyre

Talk with the Etnyre Team

If top-rated live bottom trailers aren’t the only product you need, Etnyre has contractors covered when selecting various asphalt equipment. From crack sealers to asphalt distributors, we provide the machinery contractors require to stay ahead of the competition. To invest in some of the exceptional equipment offerings from Etnyre or to learn more about our products, parts and services, used equipment, financing and additional resources, call 815-732-2166. Etnyre’s main office is located at 1333 Daysville Rd, Oregon, IL 61061, serving clients throughout Illinois, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas and the U.S.